Something is Bugging Samantha Hansen – Book Showcase

Something is Bugging Samantha Hansen – Book Showcase

I received a copy of ”Something is Bugging Samantha Hansen($16.99 value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

“Ten-year-old Samantha Hansen loves science! In the beginning of fourth grade, she never let a moment go by without talking about rocks. Now she’s back with a new obsession: insects! Upon learning that the local apiary is for sale, she goes into action to save the honey bees. Will her someday boyfriend Todd or her best friend Kelli be part of her plan? Will That Kid Richard get in the way? Sam’s lists of insect facts and funny thoughts highlight her quest to keep the bees in the community, the challenges she faces at school, and her ongoing struggle with her temper. Join Samantha as she looks to science for answers and does her part to change the world.”

Something is Bugging Samantha Hansen is a new middle-grade hardcover novel about a very supercharged 10-year-old girl who is way beyond her years in actions and thoughts.  She’s worried about the local apiary closing, future boyfriends, losing her best friend, and saving the honey bees (which seems a bit stressful for this age).  Not all 10-year olds hold onto that much at 10, but Samantha is always thinking and making lists of her current situations to help her work them out to keep her anger at arm’s length.  Will Samantha save the bees, her best friend, and future boyfriend?  Lots to wonder and worry about, but Samantha gets it all figured out in the end.

Something is Bugging Samantha Hansen is geared for ages 8-12 and can be purchased at Amazon or anywhere books are sold.    Also check out other Samantha Hansen books.

More About the Author

Nancy Viau has hurt very few insects since the day her dad told her, “If you smash that bug, its mother will wonder why it didn’t come home for dinner.” Viau finds inspiration in all of nature and often discovers ideas for new books while hiking, biking, and traveling. She has worked as an elementary school teacher, an instructor for reluctant readers, a counselor in an after-school program, and a freelance writer. Her other middle-grade novels include Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her HeadBeauty and Bernice, and Just One Thing! Please visit for information on these titles and her picture books.

Check her out on Twitter: @NancyViau1


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