4 Reasons to Help Your Kids Give Away Old Toys

4 Reasons to Help Your Kids Give Away Old Toys

Guest Submission By Brooke Chaplan

No matter how much you try to control it, it seems as though kids manage to accumulate a mountain of toys in no time at all. While this can be fun for your kids, it can be a nightmare for you as their parent. However, this can also provide a wonderful opportunity to teach your children charity and thrift. To help motivate you to get the job done, here are four reasons to help your kids give away old toys.

Restores Creative Play

When kids have an overabundance of toys, the excessive number of stimuli can shut down their drive to be creative and imaginative. Rather than using toys for what they could be, then, they simply use them exactly as they were designed. For most toys, this means boredom will ensue after just a few minutes of fully-engaged play. By removing a majority of your child’s toys, however, they will spend more time with the toys that remain, allowing their creativity to flourish.

More Say in What They Keep

One reason you’ll want to be specifically involved in going through your child’s toys is to have more sway over what they keep. As smart as children can be, they are often illogical in the choices that they make. When it comes to sorting toys, this means that kids will think they need to keep certain toys, when in fact they haven’t played with those toys in quite some time. By offering a voice of reason throughout the process, you can make sure your child only ends up with toys they’ll actually use.

Find Items to Sell

Another reason you’ll need to be involved in sorting your child’s toys is that there may be valuable toys in the mix that should be sold instead of given away. Vintage toys can bring in a good amount of money, so old toys that have been passed down and not often played with can be a good source of cash. You can sell Transformers, G.I. Joes, and beanie babies, for example. Thus, you can help your child earn some money by going through their toys, which can motivate them to get rid of even more. By involving your child in this, you can teach them some basic principles of finance and saving as well.

Help Re-Organize

After you’ve sorted through your child’s toys, another important reason to be involved in the process is so you can help your child re-organize what’s left. It’s important to let your child participate in this process so they’ll have more ownership in keeping it clean in the coming weeks and months. Ultimately, though, you have a better handle on what should go where, so you can help your child’s room become a model of organization and a place they actually enjoy spending time.

Food for Thought

One of the best reasons to help your child give away old toys is to teach them gratitude for what they have and charity towards those who have less. Consider taking your child with you as you donate old toys to a hospital or shelter. Let them see some of the children who may receive their old toys. This will be a great opportunity to both have a serious conversation about those who are less fortunate in your community and to teach your child the importance of charity and selflessness. As they grow up, simple lessons like this will be sure to influence them for good and help them become the best adult they can be.



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