9 Creative Winter Indoor Fun Ideas for the Kiddos

9 Creative Winter Indoor Fun Ideas for the Kiddos

by Judd King

Creative Winter Indoor Fun Ideas

Whether we like it or not, winter isn’t going anywhere for a while and getting your kids outside to enjoy the snow and fresh air is an important thing. But the outdoor fun only lasts so long and before you know it, they’re back inside looking for something to do.

Here are a few ways to keep the kiddos entertained!

1. Create an Indoor Treasure Hunt

With a little bit of prep work, this activity will keep your kids occupied for a good deal of time while also having them up and moving around the house. Just create a scavenger hunt style treasure map, hide some special prizes, tokens or treats around the house and set them off on a good old fashioned mystery.

2. Strike Up a Game of Balloon Ping Pong (No Ping Pong Table Necessary!)

Grab a ping pong paddle or even a wooden spoon, blow up a few balloons and find anything that will work as a virtual ping pong table—you don’t even need a real table, a line in the floor will work just fine.

Serve the balloon back and forth without letting it touch the floor. You won’t believe the fun and exercise you’ll get trying to keep the balloon in the air.

3. Dance Party Freeze Game

Turn up your favorite music, keep the volume control in hand, and instruct the kids to boogie down until the music stops and then freeze. When the music starts again, you move to the beat. Dancing is a great way to brush off the winter blues and get the whole family moving.

4. Build with Cardboard Boxes

Nothing beats boredom like kids with cardboard boxes. Gather up your extra cardboard boxes leftover from the holidays or check with a local big box warehouse or furniture store. They typically have extra-large appliance boxes they are more than happy to give away.

You only need to provide them with scissors, masking or duct tape, markers and time to build a rocket ship, clubhouse, fire truck or anything their imagination can dream up.

5. Put on a Kid’s Yoga Video

Your kids will get their “om” on with fun yoga videos tailored to children. They’ll be stretching and moving while also learning to manage stress, build their concentration and increase their confidence. Cosmic Kids makes great yoga videos for kids.

6. Design an Indoor Hopscotch

Hand your kids some construction paper or printer paper and have them make their own hopscotch grid. Once finished, tape each piece to the floor to prevent slipping and use a sock in place of a rock. Encourage them to build the grid bigger than the standard 10 squares while still being able to keep up the game.

7. Build a Tent or Fort

Gather up the blankets and sheets and start building an imaginary world. There will be energy exerted and storylines developed to create hours of fun for children of all ages.

8. Jump to Cushion Island

You may not typically love your sofa cushions spread out across the living floor, but there’s no time like winter to break your own rules!

Let your kiddos spread out the cushions on the floor and designate them as islands your child must travel between. Pretend there are sharks and other sea creatures on the floor between the cushions so they really don’t want to fall in!

9. Hide and Seek for the Win

You enjoyed a good game of Hide and Seek when you were a kid and my guess is your kids still love it too. Never underestimate how much fun a game of Hide and Seek is in your own home or how much your kids will get a kick out of finding great places to hide in their own house. Now, start counting to 40!


Judd King is a former teacher and founder of Starlux Games. Starlux are outdoor glow in the dark games that give kids and adults alike a reason to unplug, get outside and do something active together. The games leverage classic games such as Capture the Flag but with an updated twist, adding in elements of strategy and teamwork that get everyone going and glowing, offering fun for all ages. They are ideal for birthday parties, sleepovers, camps, and playtime fun with family and friends. Visit https://www.starluxgames.com/ for more info.

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