Starlux Games Offer a Silver Lining to Social Distancing

Starlux Games Offer a Silver Lining to Social Distancing

Families Can Find NEW Ways to Get Off the Sofa and Have Some Fun Thanks to These Active Glow in the Dark Games.


With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping families at home, every parent is thinking more or less the same thing: keeping the kids active and engaged for at least a part of every day, in a way that doesn’t involve screens.

Getting kids to unplug from their screens isn’t easy, particularly as they get into the teen years.

But what if they were able to play a game that was action-packed, required strategy and teamwork, sparked imagination, and got everyone in the family up, off the sofa, and moving?

The silver lining of having to stay at home and isolate might just be that families discover new and fun ways to play together and keep their spirits up, during uncertain times.

That’s the goal of Starlux Games.

Leveraging classic games that many parents grew up with, but adding elements of strategy and teamwork, these games get kids and families moving!


Even within the limits of the backyard or even the basement, it’s possible to find ways to expend some of that built up energy and avoid the worst of cabin fever. With spring finally here, better weather makes it possible to get outside a little, while still observing all the rules of social distancing.

Whether there are two siblings playing, or everyone in the family gets into the action, games that focus on action and interactivity will bring a lot of fun and joy to break up the boredom of being stuck at home.

Run as fast as you can!

Capture the Flag Redux is the perfect game for running around, inside and out, and burning up that pent up energy. There are 12 different game modes included allowing at least four players in on the glow-action! It’s a throwback to the game many parents played in their youth, with the added bonus of glowing orbs!


Build up stories!

If your family enjoys a creative streak, why not create your own fantasy world at home? WIth as few as two people, you can turn your living room into an arena for an epic fight between gladiators and fight to the death, or at least until dinner is ready!

Or perhaps everyone wants to become a Knight of the Round Table and follow King Arthur into battle? Just beware of werewolves as you go, with Wizards and Werewolves! 

Imagination is the only limit on ways you can bring fantasy and science fiction stories to life, with role-play.


Play to your family’s strengths!

So often, the reason that activities organized by Mom and Dad get a ‘meh’ response from the kids is that the activity doesn’t flow with the kids’ interests. It’s like asking someone who loves to read to suddenly give it up and crochet doilies instead!

Games like Glow Battle can help you to incorporate interests that your kids have with a fun and active option. How about a Star Wars-themed Glow Battle game, complete with Wookie cupcakes and Luke’s blue milk? A little food coloring and some cake mix and you’re on your way! May the force be with whoever wins the glow saber battle!


Being forced to stay at home can be stressful for everyone, but finding ways to help burn some energy can go a long way to helping everyone in the family manage their worries and get a little exercise and fun into the bargain.

An evening spent with the family playing a game like these is a memory that will last a lot longer than any time spent staring at a tiny screen. Perhaps, when it’s all over, the kids will even remember the pandemic as a time when you all connected in a new and powerful way.

A few other tips for managing during COVID-19

The internet is full of ideas, but here are a few tried and true ways to maintain a sense of normalcy at a time when normal seems impossible:

  • Get into a routine. After the initial days of quarantine feeling like a holiday, the boredom sets in and it helps to maintain some semblance of a normal routine. Even if that means getting up, getting dressed and following a daily schedule—including time for some glow fun—to make sure that everyone isn’t sleeping all day long!
  • Take time to do things together. As the days wear on, many people will want to fold in and hide under the covers, scrolling their Twitter feeds for the latest information. Social isolation doesn’t mean ignoring everyone around you and it’s precisely this kind of behavior that can set a person up to have mental health issues. Take breaks from isolated activities and talk to one another, video chat with friends and relatives and check in with people you care about. It’s a warm hug with your voice!
  • Be informed, not anxious. With the 24-hour news cycle and the almost hour by hour changes in the world’s new normal, it’s easy to become anxious and overwhelmed. For kids in particular, the stress might manifest in different ways: acting out, fighting more than usual, or not sleeping as well. While it’s important to remain informed, it’s also important to take a break from all the news and regroup.

Visit the Starlux Games site to see live-action videos of families getting their glow on at or on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.






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