What’s Your Favorite Blush Brand?

What’s Your Favorite Blush Brand?

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Makeup. Really? I haven’t worn makeup since March 13, 2020!! What is this stuff I am speaking of?  LOL! Who needs it when you’re social distancing, right? While it has been freeing for my skin, I do miss applying my favorite products including blush…makeup forever Ulta! With that said, what’s your favorite blush brand?

My favorite place to shop for makeup products is Ulta Beauty. They have everything I need especially for my sensitive skin. I typically like matte blush but not opposed to shimmering blush for those date nights. Hubby and I still have “date nights” at home. We could probably do a fun formal one right here in our home as well. This is inspired by my dear friend Teri (also our wellness blogger) who recently did this with her family. It’s a chance to wear makeup! Yay!

I would love to try out OFRA’s Forever Fabulous blush line. If you checked out their website you would see they have a nice blush palette of colors for you to choose from.

Credit: OFRA Cosmetics  (Screenshot)

B-29 or Chameleon might be my top choices but for soft and subtle I might like to try Crazy Pink or Pink Satin Blush. It definitely depends on skin tones and overall makeup looks. I tend to be picky and mostly like soft and subtle looks as I don’t wear a ton of makeup.

Do you like deals? Who doesn’t, right? Especially in these crazy times. They are having an exclusive deal over on Ulta’s website! You can get 40% off all OFRA Cosmetics “4 gram Pressed Blush.” Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? I can’t wait to try these out. I am always looking for new blush brands and products because believe it or not, I haven’t found anything that I absolutely love just yet. It’s time to try something new.

What do you currently use?




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