Expert Tips on Getting More Sleep-Interview

Expert Tips on Getting More Sleep-Interview

Insights from national sleep study about breaking sleep barriers and establishing habits that help us get adequate sleep!

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention…

One-third of U.S. adults get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep each night*.

Lack of sleep is linked with a range of diseases and conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity and is often overlooked for the crucial role it has on the body’s health.

Complicating the issue, even more, almost half of women in the U.S. reported anxiety about their ability to fall asleep in a recent national survey by Soma**.


Many experts agree that one helpful solution is to establish a nighttime routine that prepares the body for sleep.

Join me in a recent interview with Dr. Janet Kennedy, a clinical psychologist, sleep specialist and author of The Good Sleeper,  along with Mary van Praag, President of the Intimates Group of Chico’s FAS, al they will discuss tips for establishing a nighttime routine and share insights on rest from Soma’s national sleep study.

Some of Dr. Janet Kennedy’s tips for establishing a nighttime routine include:

  • Get up at the same time every day. Setting a consistent wakeup time will program the body’s natural clock and help you to fall asleep easily at night.
  • Unplug before bed. The brain needs time to slow down from the day’s stimulation and transition before going to sleep.
  • Create a bedtime routine to signal that it’s time to get sleepy. It should be consistent so that you can develop sleep associations that help the body to respond with fatigue.
  • Make the bedroom a refuge. Feeling good at bedtime helps the body to relax and settle into great sleep.

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** Soma 2019 Sleep Study. Interview provided by Soma 



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