Helping Essential Workers During Time of Crisis: Michigan COVIDsitters!

Helping Essential Workers During Time of Crisis: Michigan COVIDsitters!

by Yasmine Bargoti-Gosey of Michigan COVIDsitters

“My name is Yasmine Bargoti-Gosey and I am a fourth-year medical student doing my rotations at St. Joe’s in Pontiac. My husband, Bobby Gosey, and I created an organization called Michigan COVIDsitters and I wanted to tell you more about this resource and what we are doing for Michiganders!”
At MICS, our mission is to help essential workers during this time of crisis. We provide all services free of charge by way of volunteers! Volunteers are students from health professional schools and undergraduate universities. We currently have branches with volunteers throughout Michigan including the Metro Detroit area, Grand Rapids, Midland, and the UP!

We provide assistance to ALL essential workers including, but not limited to: doctors, residents, nurses, hospital employees, RT, phlebotomists, CNA’s, MA’s, PT, hospital custodians, patient transport, administrative staff, EMT’s, firefighters, police officers, pharmacists, grocery store employees, and restaurant employees.

Our services include:

  • Family care: childcare and elderly companionship and assistance
  • Pet Sitting: in your home or ours, or even just for a nice walk
  • Household errands: grocery shopping, meal prep, light housework, or anything else that may help their day run a little smoother
We are also searching for more volunteers in all of the areas that we serve throughout Michigan. Any undergraduate student, health professional student, etc. can apply to volunteer in any capacity at this link: Students can volunteer to provide any service they are comfortable with; for example, some students only volunteer to grocery shop!
In addition, we have a hospital partnership team that collects donations for local hospitals in need of personal protective equipment and also collects donations of meals or treats for the teams at those hospitals!
Some things we are searching for are cloth masks, surgical masks, N95 masks, face shields, gowns, eye shields and goggles, hot glue sticks, hand sanitizer, and Clorox/Lysol wipes. If you are able to donate PPE, a meal, or a monetary donation please follow our link here.

Please see our site for more information: Or, our information video below:

Yasmine and Bobby Gosey Presidents and Co-Founders










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