Should Parents Track Their Kids’ Digital Lives?

Should Parents Track Their Kids’ Digital Lives?

As digital technologies play a significant role in everybody’s lives, parents need to understand how to best protect their kids from the risks of remote communications, both as phone calls and Internet interactions. However, most parents want to be able to respect their children’s privacy. Ultimately, you want to maintain a trust relationship with your child. The last thing a parent wants is for their child to feel spied on. This could not only affect your relationship but also encourage your child to take additional risks to escape from parental monitoring.

As such, it’s not easy to keep your child safe without interfering with their digital life. Here are some tips to bear in mind:

Being aware of suspicious phone calls

When your teen gets a smartphone, they also obtain with it the freedom to get in touch with their friends from a personal phone. Unlike a landline, smartphones encourage kids to build a network of private conversations. While it can be tricky for parents to feel excluded from their child’s social life, it’s essential to understand that teenagers have a right to claim their privacy but to a point in my opinion. Every parent is different with their rules especially with phone calls and screen time.

Take precautions to ensure they don’t get involved in potentially dangerous frauds or unsuitable social circles. You can, for instance, monitor suspicious calls without listening to your child’s conversations if you choose.

Here, you can get more info on how to track a caller based on their number. This lets you find out the name and location of the person using only their phone number, which can be useful if you want to know who’s calling your child.

Be open about social media dangers

Social media platforms allow teenagers to reach out to their community. In many ways, social media can be a beneficial force that helps kids to discover their passion or find positive role models. However, it can also dramatically affect the way they build social relationships. It may or may not be a good idea to keep teens away from social media.

Many will create a profile even if you forbid them. Instead, you should discuss with them the potential risks of digital communication. For instance, bullying is a common issue among youth on social channels. You can make your child aware of those dangers, without regulating their social media connections. Instead, let them know that online connections can’t always be trustworthy.

To befriend or not to befriend them

Most parents are active on social media. They often want to befriend and follow their teen on the same channels. However, it’s good to be cautious. Consider telling them that you follow your teen on social media to keep the lines of communication open.

Some teens are happy to add their parents as online connections, while others will want to keep their digital life private. As a parent, this is your call! Additionally, even if you’re befriended online, try not to parent them or embarrass them. Social media is not an ideal place to parent your child or teen.

Should Parents Track Their Kids’ Digital Lives

Parents have a delicate balancing act to maintain when it comes to digital lives. Ideally, you should keep out of your child’s digital interactions. However, for young and naive teenagers, who are most vulnerable to predators and digital abuse, monitoring suspicious activities can prevent harmful consequences.







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