Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Your kids are only young once, so don’t let the woes of the pandemic limit stay-at-home fun this summer! For the perfect summertime activity that also promotes goal setting, why not encourage your kiddos to make a summer bucket list? Tasks can include educational and non-educational ideas that are sure to make this summer one to remember. If you’d like to get the whole family involved, you can make completing bucket lists into a competition and present a reward for first, second, and third place.

Educational ideas that are perfect for the whole family are included below:

  • Write a song and sing it.
  • Invent a new product.
  • Enter a poetry contest.
  • Practice writing a check.
  • Learn 100 new words.
  • Watch a meteor shower.
  • Design a homemade kite.

Non-educational ideas that are also perfect for the whole family are included below: 

  • Give up sweets for a week.
  • Care for a caterpillar.
  • Make up a new language.
  • Climb to the top of a tree.
  • Visit your parents at work.
  • Find a fossil and study it.
  • Play hide and seek outside.
  • Make a tree swing.
  • Learn to rollerblade.

To give you a little more inspiration, the folks at WikiBuy have rounded up over 100 simple ideas to fill your bucket list with this summer! Encourage your kids to try out these bucket list ideas and use WikiBuy’s connect-the-dots printable below for tracking their progress. (A picture will emerge when they’ve successfully completed all of the ideas). Some ideas are a little ambitious than others, but every idea is free and fun! Here’s to a fun-filled summer!





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