Every Cat’s New Favorite Food!

Every Cat’s New Favorite Food!

Do you have a cat(s)? Your feline might really enjoy Square Pet, a natural brand of cat food.

“EVERY cat that tries it is in LOVE! (well, that’s what their pet parents report).” 😜

Square Pet is made without grains, peas, and legumes and is packed with wholesome fruits & vegetables. The delicious cage-free turkey and chicken formula is a convenient alternative for people who home cook for their cats or feed a raw food diet.

The Square Pet brand is veterinarian formulated just like the pet food found in vet clinics.

Protein-Rich Nutrition

98% Protein from high-quality animal sources. Designed to fuel pets’ carnivorous metabolism and crush their next vet check-up.


Without grains, peas, & legumes. Contrasting the majority of “Grain-Free” products available today that contain large amounts of peas, chickpeas, lentils, or other legumes that by nature have lower bioavailability, Square Pet’s Turkey & Chicken formula uses only a small amount of highly digestible tapioca (popular in paleo diet recipes.)

Proprietary GI Health Blend

Prebiotics, probiotics, and dietary fiber sources are added to support a healthy gut and healthy digestion.

Available online and at independent pet retailers.

*Photo Courtesy of Square Pet.

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