Five Ways To Improve Your Hearing Health

Five Ways To Improve Your Hearing Health

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Your hearing might be the last thing you consider when thinking about your overall health and wellbeing. Many of us are fixated on losing weight and eating healthy and while that is perfectly fine, we shouldn’t forget about the other aspects of our health that need attention.

When it comes to your ears, there are a few things you can do to improve your hearing health. Some of these will be obvious to you, and some will be less so. We will take a closer look below, so follow our suggestions to ensure you don’t lose your capacity to hear effectively.

#1: Exercise regularly

You already know that exercise is a healthy lifestyle practice, as both your physical and your mental health can improve if you regularly do something active. But did you know exercise is good for your hearing too?

When you exercise, you increase the blood flow to your ear. This is essential for your hearing health, as good blood flow protects the health of the hair cells that exist within your inner ear. If there is a loss of blood flow, these cells aren’t given the chance to regenerate, so your hearing could diminish if they die or become damaged.

So, improve your hearing health by maintaining that blood flow. Go for a walk every day, or take up a sport. Or, find another physical activity that you enjoy and commit to it regularly.

#2: Stop smoking

It’s a no-brainer to suggest smoking is bad for you – warnings are even printed on the packaging – but did you know smoking is bad for your hearing too? Research suggests smokers are more likely to experience high-frequency hearing loss than non-smokers, and this is because nicotine and cigarette smoke can damage the inner workings of the ear.

Kicking the habit is beneficial to all aspects of your health, and when it comes to your hearing,  you will reduce the potential for hearing loss. So, if you have a problem with this terrible habit, let this be another incentive to give up. Speak to your doctor if you need professional help in trying to quit.

#3: Visit a hearing professional

If you have experienced symptoms related to hearing loss, don’t delay getting help. A hearing professional will determine the health of your hearing and you will be given the advice you need after your evaluation.

In some cases, it might be that your hearing is fine, but it’s still worth getting an expert opinion. They might book you in for an ear-cleaning appointment, as it could be that a buildup of wax has caused your hearing problems. After your ears have been syringed, you will be able to hear more clearly again. On the other hand, you might need to get a hearing aid. We know that this will be bad news for you, but with the right device and proper hearing aid care, you will improve your hearing. This can only be good news, especially when you would otherwise struggle without one.

#4: Take your vitamins

Vitamins can improve your heart health, improve your eyesight, and bolster your immune system. The right vitamins can also improve your hearing, so you might want to visit your local health store to stock up.

Vitamins A, C, D, and E have all been linked to improved hearing, especially when used within a healthy and balanced diet. Foods that are rich in potassium, folic acids, magnesium, zinc, and Omega-3 fats should all form part of your diet plan when looking to protect your hearing health.

The article at Better Hearing goes into detail on the foods and vitamin combinations that should form a part of your diet, so have a read, and then get busy in the kitchen!

#5: Look after your mental health

Hearing experts have linked mental conditions such as depression and anxiety to hearing loss, and according to the article at Audicus, this could be as a result of brain cell damage. To protect your mental health and your hearing, the article suggests a number of activities, including yoga, meditation, and puzzle-solving. By keeping your mind focused, you will give your brain a good workout, and you will get the blood flowing to strengthen your brain cells and your hearing.

So, as tenuous as this link to your hearing might seem, don’t neglect your mental health. Consider the activities suggested and seek professional support if you’re suffering from stress, depression, or anxiety.

You would miss your hearing ability if it ever diminished, so do what you can to protect your hearing health now. Not only will this aspect of your health improve, but by following our suggestions, you will do much to protect your overall wellbeing too!






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