Outdoor Family Hobbies to Try Out During the Pandemic

Outdoor Family Hobbies to Try Out During the Pandemic

 By Rayanne Morriss

Many health officials state that you should try to be staying home as much as possible during this time. This may mean that you and your family members are getting bored and antsy from staying in the house all day.

Engaging in some activities outdoors can help make your days more interesting and enrich your body and mind. Here are some ideas for safe outdoor activities you can enjoy during the pandemic.

Nature Walk

Now is a great time to get out and enjoy nature. If there’s a park near your home or walking trails in your neighborhood, you can take your family on a nature walk. Point out the plants and small animals you see along the way and encourage your children to take pictures.

You can research and educate your kids about the different plants and animals that you saw in your neighborhood when you return home. A nature walk is also a great way to make sure you get your exercise for the day, so don’t forget your fitness monitor so you can keep track of your steps during your workout!

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Backyard Camping

While traditional campgrounds may not be open in your area right now, you and your loved ones can create a campground in your own backyard. You can set up a tent depending on how much space you have or simply bring your sleeping bag to the backyard so you can sleep under the stars.

You can make this “camping trip” even more enjoyable by creating a small fire to make smores, grilling some hamburgers and hot dogs, or having a sing-along. If you have a projector, you and your family can even watch a movie outdoors. This can be an easy way to mix things up while sticking close to home as well.


If you and your family prefer to explore nature in a more exciting way, you can rent or purchase the best off-road vehicles in your area for a fun outdoor adventure. Off-roading allows you to see mountainous areas, valleys, wildlife, and exotic trees and flowers up close.

You can also control the speed of your vehicle to make the experience even more enjoyable. Off-roading can be an all-day activity if there are areas in your city that provide the space for this activity. Or, you can spend the morning or afternoon enjoying the great outdoors in a whole new way.

Walking/Driving City Tour

If you had a hectic work schedule and your kids were involved in several after-school activities before the pandemic, there’s a good chance you didn’t have a lot of time to explore your city. Take a driving or walking tour to safe areas of your city so you can see popular landmarks and attractions that you’ve either never seen or haven’t visited as often as you’d like.

Some museums and arboretums in your area may have designated times for you to bring your family so you can still maintain social distancing regulations. You can also walk to local parks that aren’t too far from your area or order takeout at a restaurant in your community and walk home so you can get a workout in before dinner. Alternatively, you can embark on a bike tour at your local nature trails (for bikes) if the kids are old enough to ride on their own. You, your partner, and your older kids can try riding mountain motorized bikes to cover longer distances in a shorter time, all without exerting too much energy. Biking isn’t only good for your physical fitness, but it also works wonders for your mental health and appreciation for Mother Nature.

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Start a Garden

One of the ways to make the most of your time outdoors is to start a garden. You can grow some of your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs while getting some fresh air and still practicing social distancing. Find out which foods grow best in your local soil so you can increase the chances of a great harvest. This is an activity the whole family can get involved in, and gardening is a wonderful way to encourage your kids to eat healthier foods

Even though there are extra restrictions right now doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the world around you. Keep your distance but remember that life is about living, so be safe and have fun with those closest to you!

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