Pure and Earth-Friendly Dry Baby Wipes Focused on Purity, Efficacy, Sustainability, & Ethical Standards

Pure and Earth-Friendly Dry Baby Wipes Focused on Purity, Efficacy, Sustainability, & Ethical Standards

Female Entrepreneur and Mother Bootstraps Earthly’s Flagship Product, Pure and Earth-Friendly Dry Baby Wipes Focused on Purity, Efficacy, Sustainability & Ethical Standards.

Rochelle Serna, mother of two, recently announced her new company Earthly. The company, which Serna founded and serves as CEO, is led by her flagship product: 100% cotton biodegradable and preservative-free “Not Yet Wet Wipes.”

She created the Earthly brand

after realizing she could not find disposable wipes that met the values of her own young family.

Logo of Meet Earthly, "Not Yet Wet Wipes"

Logo of Meet Earthly, “Not Yet Wet Wipes”


Earthly’s products including dry disposable wipes,

recycled cardboard canister, washable canvas wipes bag, glass solution dispenser, silicon travel solution dispenser, and wipe and wash concentrate.

“As a mom of two young children, I quickly realized that something was missing in the baby wipes market,” said Serna, whose background is in child development, holistic nutrition, and consumer education. ”

There were two baby wipes options: washable cloth or disposable plastic. As my family grew, the idea of fully committing to cloth felt like a lot.

On the other hand, I cringed as I pulled multiple plastic wipes — dripping in synthetic chemicals — with each diaper change. I knew there had to be a better solution, but couldn’t find it; so, I created one – Earthly’s “Not Yet Wet Wipes.”

The research and development that Serna put into “Not Yet Wet Wipeswas extensive, and took two-and-a-half years to complete. She focused on developing wipes that were versatile, easily transportable, thick, soft, washable, compostable, and free of all synthetics and preservatives.

Serna bootstrapped the entire project,

consulting with experts, and conducting experiments to ensure the Earthly products met the standards and values that she committed to upon founding the Earthly brand.

Most wipes are made of plastic.

“Not Yet Wet Wipes” are made of 100% cotton! The wipes are created from 50% USA-grown unbleached cotton, and 50% post-industrial cotton clothing scrap. Using cotton makes the wipes renewably sourced, one-time-washable, and biodegradable.

Because they are dry, parents get to choose exactly what to wet them with, and therefore, exactly what touches his or her baby’s skin. The plastic-free packaging boasts a canvas bag that can be washed and reused as you fill it with new rolls of “Not Yet Wet Wipes.”

Earthly’s “Not Yet Wet Wipes” set themselves apart

from other baby wipes on the market by being 100% cotton, compostable, biodegradable, and free of parabens, preservatives, alcohol, and phthalates.

They are the only dry wipe product packaged in reusable, plastic-free packaging. In addition, Earthly has developed a gently cleansing castile soap concentrate that can be used as a wipe solution and baby wash.

Earthly’s “Not Yet Wet Wipes” products are available on its website (https://meetearthly.com/shop/) and on Amazon (Earthly Natural Baby Wipes).

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