How To Balance Being A Parent And A Student

How To Balance Being A Parent And A Student

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Becoming a parent needn’t be a reason to give up on education goals. While studying with kids is a lot tougher, it is achievable – many parents manage to obtain degrees and even master’s qualifications while juggling the role of parent. Here are some tips for balancing the two roles.

Take an online course

When you study on campus, you have to attend lectures and seminars at set times. This could mean having to travel continuously to the campus to partake in these events. An online course could allow you to set your own study hours while also studying from home.

This could make it much easier to look after kids and study. Some courses are completely online (which could give you the freedom to choose from anywhere around the world).

Meanwhile, courses such as this degree in speech language pathology only require attending a few events on campus with the bulk of your studies being done over the web. Look into these types of courses rather than conventional on-campus courses.

Schedule your study time

While an online course gives you the flexibility to study at any time, it’s still beneficial to try and keep to a schedule each week to keep you on target. This can be a schedule that you can come up with to fit around parental commitments such as picking kids up from school or going to sports events or even looking after an infant full-time.

Some parents find it possible to study while the kids are at school while others study in the evening several days per week when the kids have gone to bed.

Find the right study environment

You may find it difficult to study in the living room with kids trying to watch TV or are playing around you. A designated study area that allows you to get away from the distractions and interruptions of the home could help you to concentrate.

This could be a spare room in your home, a local library building, or a coffee bar. Arrange to have your kids looked after by your partner, a family member, a friend, or a babysitter while you study or wait until they are at school or asleep.

Allow yourself free time

In your busy schedule, it’s important that you make time for relaxing. Without self-care time, you could experience burnout as a result of the stress of studying and parenting. You may want to schedule free time each week rather than taking opportunities as they come and possibly ask someone to look after your kids.

Discuss the importance of your studies with your kids

Help your kids to understand why you are studying so that they are supportive and so that they don’t keep disturbing you. If your kids are in school themselves, they’ll likely relate to what you are doing. In fact, seeing you focus on your studies could spur them to be more diligent with their own homework.

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