Lovely Leaps Keeps Kids Moving After a Long Day of Distance Learning 

Lovely Leaps Keeps Kids Moving After a Long Day of Distance Learning 

At Lovely Leaps Dance Studio in Southern California, they’re keeping the rhythm alive through FREE virtual classes and the dream that one day these classes might connect kids across the country and all over the world!

What makes Lovely Leaps stand out?

  • FREE virtual classes on Thursdays
  • $15 classes/$100 for unlimited virtual classes
  • A monthly performance for a princess so kids can stay engaged and build their performance skills with a magical experience
  • A focus on making dance fun and developing key motor skills
  • A whole child approach to help grow their confidence and comfort in their own bodies
  • Appropriate for ages 10 months to 10 years

Lovely Leaps plans to reopen its doors in October.  Classes will also be available via Zoom, giving families the opportunity to dance in whatever way fits best.

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About Lovely Leaps

Lovely Leaps is the creation of Lisa McCabe, an African-American engineer turned dance instructor with a passion for cultivating the love of dance in kids. Available in multiple locations as well as private and charter schools across Southern California, Lovely Leaps teaches ballet, jazz, hip hop, and cheer. Lovely Leaps has been featured on Good Morning America, Nightly News, CBS, World of Dance, and many media outlets nationwide.

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