6 Gift Suggestions For a New Mom

6 Gift Suggestions For a New Mom

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Christmas is rapidly approaching again, and soon it will be time to go out and start buying gifts for everyone that you know once again. But in the last year, some things may have changed. You may know some people whose lives are completely different from how they were just twelve short months ago and you may have friends or family members who have recently become moms.

But what do you buy a new mom for Christmas or a birthday? The toss-up is always going to be should you get something for the baby or for the mom herself? On the one hand, something for the baby will no doubt be greatly appreciated, but in the midst of sleepless nights and diaper changes, a new mom won’t have had much time to take care of herself or to have anything nice for herself.

Here are six different gift suggestions for a new mom.

A Family Photograph

What better gift to give a new mom than a photo of them and their whole family. Book and pay for a family photography session and have photos of the new family together.

Candles and Bath Bombs

Taking a break is important, even when you have a newborn baby to take care of. New moms don’t get much time to relax, but by buying them something that they can indulge themselves in, you’ll be giving them permission to take care of themselves.

Candles and bath bombs will allow them a chance to unwind and have some quiet alone time.

A Spa Day

Following on the theme of rest and relaxation, you could buy your friend or family member a spa day. Treat yourself at the same time, and you could go together. They’ll need a babysitter so that they can have the day off of their mom duties. Also, make sure someone can look after the baby while you take mom out for the day.

A Baby Keepsake Library

Memories are something that needs to be held onto. One of the best ways of ensuring that all of the memories from a baby’s first few months are preserved is by buying the mother a keepsake library to store all of the milestone items that mark the biggest changes. Buy one with drawers, that way you can store a baby’s first lock of hair, their first artwork, hospital wristbands, and later on, lost teeth.

A Bottle of Wine

It may have been a very long time since your friend or a family member has been able to enjoy a glass of wine. Why not treat them to a glass? Obviously, check to make sure that they are able to drink alcohol as some new moms will steer clear of drinking while breastfeeding.

Food Deliveries

One thing that the new mom in your life may appreciate is food deliveries. By ordering parcels of food to be delivered, you could take the stress and strain out of having to shop. You’ll also ensure that they have good food available in the house.



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