3 Simple Lessons That We Need to Teach Our Kids for a Better Life

3 Simple Lessons That We Need to Teach Our Kids for a Better Life

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We want to know that our kids will become self resilient and self-sufficient adults. And sometimes, these lessons are hard, even for ourselves. You may struggle to look after your money on occasion, or you may find one month particularly difficult. So many families have struggled in light of recent events. And while we don’t want our children to make the same mistakes as us, we have still got to teach them the lessons that will guarantee a happier life, whether this is financially or emotionally.

What are the things that we need to teach them?

Looking After Your Assets

There is a wide variety of insurance policies available and when we don’t have an insurance policy, this is, in many ways, taking a gamble. It’s important that we set the example of looking after our assets.

Because if our children see us struggling to make ends meet or suffering because of something beyond our control, we need to ensure that we look after our assets through the most common (and boring) approaches. Whether this is insurance policies starting a budget or setting aside funds for a rainy day, it’s these little acts of being sensible that can send the right message to our children.

Developing Self-Resilience

Self-resilience is such a fantastic tool in life. It’s going to benefit our children in so many ways because we live in an age where children can depend on other things and people to provide entertainment.

Self-resilience is about digging deep to find out what you are truly made of. And unfortunately, the only way to truly get an understanding of this is to practice it. But there are little things that we can do in a safe and controlled environment to teach our children self-resilience. We can start by leaving them to play by themselves at a young age so they don’t require us for every single thing and then gradually turn the dial-up.

They say that being uncomfortable in small doses is good for you. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And we can start to incorporate self-resilience in so many different aspects of our own lives as well. Something as simple as having a cold shower in the morning can teach us mental strength in ways that we would never have considered.

Learning to Make the Most of Very Little

You might have heard your grandparents talking about how little they had, and this is something that makes more sense as we get older. When we start to consider how much stuff we have that we purchase our children, the disposability of life comes into view.

If we think back to when our children were little and they preferred the box over the present, this is a wonderful little lesson. We can all benefit from having fewer things in life because we don’t have distractions and can focus on the things that matter. This is the fundamental belief behind minimalism. And if we can start to remove some of the surplus goods from our lives, we will find a better sense of clarity.



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