My Teacher’s in the Computer! – Book Promotion

My Teacher’s in the Computer! – Book Promotion

I received a copy of ”My Teacher’s in the Computer!($12.99 value/Amazon) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

This school year sparks many new adventures for so many students…including Haley as she embarks on an adventure of virtual learning and finds her teacher in her computer in Shelby Hoefling’s new book, My Teacher’s in the Computer!.

Haley and her best friend “Eddy the Teddy”

prepare for their big day of the first day of school.  They picked out their clothes the night before, got a good night’s sleep, made their bed, dressed their best, ate a big breakfast, and brushed their teeth to prepare for a full day of….virtual learning.  Haley thought the best thing about virtual learning is…you don’t have to put our shoes on.

Enjoy this sweet adventure of virtual learning

with Haley’s excitement to see her friends, share her favorite bear, and learn how to be a GOLD STAR virtual student.  And you too can be a GOLD STAR virtual student with the check-list to follow, along with “My Virtual School Year” before and after school year questions to fill out to remember this virtual school year to look back at for years to come.

My Teacher’s in the Computer is geared towards children ages 5-8 who are back at school this year through the computer.  It can be purchased at your local bookstore or through Amazon.

About the Author

Shelby Hoefling lives in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington DC. She considers her Grandma, actually known as Nanny, to be her best friend. When living out in California, Shelby had to rely on video chats to stay in touch in a meaningful way with her best friend who was 2,500 miles away.

Not only was video chat useful with her Grandma, but she also used it with her nephew, Mac. Therefore, the main characters for her first book “Grandma’s in the Phone!” are loosely based on the two people she often always liked to have inside her phone.

Shelby also noticed that while video chat is something many children and relatives are experiencing within their homes, there is no children’s book out there to teach children how to have quality conversations through video chat nor anything to simply tell a story about what we are all seeing every day!

When not taking on the role of a Children’s Book Author, you can find Shelby teaching yoga, occasionally to her Grandma, and helping others through Wellness Coaching. Check out her Instagram to learn more!

Instagram:  @shelbyhoefling

Facebook:  Shelby Hoefling

Instagram:  @stephhider


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