Let’s Play Peekaboo…With ICE CREAM! {Review}

Let’s Play Peekaboo…With ICE CREAM! {Review}

I received samples of Peekaboo ice cream ($12 value) in exchange for this review. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Peekaboo!! I see you! Veggies that is, hiding right inside of your ice cream. Sounds interesting or maybe even crazy, right? Who would want to eat veggies with their ice cream?

When I was given the opportunity to review PEEKABOO Ice cream with hidden veggies, I just had to jump on board. I’m all about trying new things. Don’t knock it until you try it, right? My girls were a little skeptical at first but it seems to be hit for two out of three of them. My youngest isn’t a fan of anything berry-flavored but I’m hoping to get the other flavors for her to try. 😉 Details below.

The first flavor that we tried

was the Organic Strawberry with hidden carrots. Let me just say, YUM! It tastes fantastic and you really can’t all-out taste the carrots, maybe very little, much like that if it were in a smoothie with ice cream. Since kiddies taste buds are still developing, they might not even notice them at all which makes it even better! I have sensitive taste buds and I seem to taste everything, LOL! So, you might not even taste them as well. I guess everyone is different with their sense of taste.

We have yet to try out

Organic Chocolate with hidden cauliflower and Organic Vanilla with hidden zucchini. It’s been a challenge finding the flavors at Target, Walmart, and even Kroger as they sell out fast! I hope to use my freebie coupons for those flavors before they expire next month.

They also have a variety of other flavors that I would love to try:

  • Organic Mint Chocolate Chip with Hidden Spinach
  • Organic Cotton Candy with Hidden Beets
  • Organic Unicorn with Hidden Zucchini
  • Organic Cookie Dough with Hidden Zucchini

They also have

mini sorbets like strawberry with hidden tomato and mango sorbet with hidden squash.

PEEKABOO ice cream is a brilliant way to incorporate some veggies for even the pickiest of eaters. The company was also created by a fellow mom of 3.

I love that not only is the company women-owned,

the products are also USDA organic, Non-GMO, and more! It’s a healthier alternative to the high in fat and sugar ice cream products out there! PEEKABOO Ice Cream contains real and clean ingredients coming right from happy cows and the veggies organically grown.

The ice cream is also packed with vitamins and minerals that you would get from organic veggies such as tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, carrots, cauliflower, etc.

I highly recommend this product!

You should definitely give PEEKABOO a try. I really think your kiddies will love it! And what better way to incorporate those veggies!!

To learn more, click here. You can also stay up-to-date with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

I would like to thank the folks over at Peekaboo for giving my family coupons to get our free samples. We can’t wait to try some more flavors!

Are you ready to play peekaboo with your veggies? Eat PEEKABOO! 😉

Product photos by Kelly Clair.





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