Inspiring Ways To Celebrate Life When Doom And Gloom Are All Around You

Inspiring Ways To Celebrate Life When Doom And Gloom Are All Around You

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Maintaining a positive frame can be a challenge in this world of ours. We know that life offers us all kinds of opportunities. But at the same time, it can feel like it’s working against us.

In this post, we take a look at some of the ways that you can continue to celebrate life, even when doom and gloom are all around.

Check out these ideas to improve your lifestyle.

Plan Out Your Ideal Vacation – And Then Do It

Life shouldn’t be all work and no play. working is essential, but it’s not the sole reason we’re here. We also need some fun in our lives.

If you feel like your life needs some motivation, then try planning out your ideal vacation and start saving the money to make it happen. It can be fun to see the world as your oyster. When you have time and money, you can go anywhere – travel restrictions permitting. Think about the most life-affirming experience that you could have and then get on with doing it. Your dream holiday could be lying on a beach with a cocktail or scaling mountains. The choice is yours.

Put Together Your Christmas List

Christmas is just a few weeks away. And that means we’re in peak present-buying season. Retailers are ramping up their offers and putting on sales to encourage people to part with their money and get into the shops.

Putting together your Christmas list is great because you can plan what you want to give and receive. Start thinking about the type of gifts that will put everyone in the spirit.

Create A Celebratory Memorial For Loved Ones

If you’ve lost somebody you love, then it can help to create a celebratory memorial in your home. Instead of regretting the loss, you’re building something that helps you remember the ways that they added to your life.

If you are next-of-kin, you can keep their ashes in your home. The urn can form the centerpiece. But, you might be thinking, “what size funeral urn do I need?

That depends on the weight of the person before they died. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of guidance on this matter online.

Once you have your urn and any ashes, then you can start building a memorial around it. Include their favorite objects or quotes. And find something that makes you smile about them.

Listen To Some Inspiring Music

If you’re in a bad place emotionally, it can help to listen to some music. The sound of singing can lift the spirits.

Why not try listening to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for some inspirational piano playing? Or what about Vivaldi’s Four Seasons?

Try Singing In The Shower

Here’s another idea: try singing to yourself in the shower. You’ll find that the mere act of vocalization is often enough to make you feel like a completely different person. Suddenly, you’re enjoying yourself, even when you weren’t before.

Watch The Sunrise

Many of us go for years without seeing the sunrise. We wake up late after it gets light and miss this stunning natural spectacle.

Humans are wired to wake up with the dawn and go to bed with the dusk. It’s how we operate at our best. If we don’t wake up when the sun rises, it can throw our entire system out of whack, and we wind up feeling sluggish and can’t get moving.

Watching the sunrise totally changes the dynamic. Not only do you get to watch something beautiful, but you also feel fresh for the rest of the day.

Learn To Juggle

Do you need something to take your mind off the world? If so, why not learn to juggle. It impresses people, and it requires all of your concentration. Juggling three balls is a challenge. Keeping four in the air is even more difficult. And mastering five is all but impossible.

You can also learn a lot of fun tricks. The behind-the-back technique requires skill and also looks funny. So too does the “penguin,” where you catch balls with your wrists rotated outwards.

Simmer Winter Spices On Your Stove

If you need a quick lift, try simmering some winter spices like clove, star anise, and cinnamon on your stove. The natural mixture of fragrances provides your nose with something new to think about.

Deliberately Stomp In Puddles

Why do so many kids love stomping in puddles? The simple answer is that it’s fun. As adults, we sometimes forget what fun feels like. We spend so much of our lives chasing what we think we want that we forget about some of the simpler joys of existence. That’s not good. We should focus more wholeheartedly on the daily opportunities for having a good time and stop fixating so much on the future. We have lives that need living today.

Read More Poetry

If your life is starting to get a little stale, try reading more poetry. Poets have a unique ability to capture in language things that ordinary people find it hard to say in words. They will often articulate something that opens your eyes. You’ll be reading a verse and suddenly have a eureka moment. The poet has connected the dots for you in a way you never expected. It feels invigorating.

Spend More Time With Animals

The great thing about animals is that they don’t have any of our regular human worries. They simply live their lives without fear or regret. Each day is a new opportunity for them to have fun.

As people, we can learn a lot from their example. Spending time with animals shows us that there’s a different way to approach life. It doesn’t have to be grim and high pressure.

For the Mamas…Purchase a Pretty Undergarment

Lastly, you can spice things up a little in your life by purchasing pretty undergarments. Something silky or lacy, totally up to you. Pretty things can always contribute to making us feel better.



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