General Care Tips to Preserve Clothing-Quality

General Care Tips to Preserve Clothing-Quality

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Who likes wearing faded tops, stretch out fabrics, and torn dresses? When you work in a corporate environment, you would want to look presentable at all times. However, working 8 to 9 hours a day and 5 to 6 times a week will reduce the quality of your clothing. So, how do we preserve its quality even on a busy schedule?

The quality of your clothes usually depends on the amount of care you have put into it. Certain factors affecting the condition of the clothes include the environment, dirt and dust, humidity, salt particles from body sweat, and the methods of keeping them.

Clothing is the immediate basic needs next to food and shelter. Imagine what life would be without them. As much as you need food and shelter, you will need clothes to cover and protect your body and to look decent. It is fair to say that buying clothes more often is a costly attempt. It is why we should know how to take care of them rather than the wear-and-dump practice.

Here are the care tips to make your clothes look new all the time:

1. Store Properly

Store clothes that have been worn-once properly by hanging them in an air-conditioned room first.

I recommend that you avoid dumping your clothes in the corner or putting them directly in the laundry basket after getting home from work, school, outdoor activities, parties, etc. There are tendencies that dirt particles will stick hard especially when it is a bit wet and may create new wrinkles.

Use hangers, wall-hooks, or wall-mounted racks to air them out at least 30 minutes before you store them on a clothes-hamper. Turn your jackets and sweaters inside out to breathe and to retrieve their shape. Always clean your clothes before storing them to get rid of stains. Insects are attracted to food and beverage stains.

2. Wash and Disinfect

Coldwater is advisable in general laundry tasks. Cold water is best for most of the laundry and other things you can throw into the washing machine. It will clear a lot of marks on your clothes. Delicate fabrics, dark suits, and colorful fabrics also do better in cold water.

Choose the best bacteria detergents that kill germs, is gentle on fibers, and washes away spots and stains when washing your clothes.

3. Air Dry is always better than Machine Dry

Over time, the machine dryer heat damages the tissue. Clothes’ fibrils will begin to shrink, color fades, and material is weakened due to regular use of electric dryers. Instead, use the best rotary washing line to air-dry clothes, which you can find at

Clothesline offers a fresh and clean scent and avoids moisture-holding to fabrics. It also increases the life of clothes by reducing wear – and – tear in the dryer as well as saves energy and money.

4. Apply Body Put-Ons Correctly

Be extra cautious when choosing moisturizers, body sprays, fragrances, etc. Some lotions or sunscreens have strong chemicals that may discolor or stain clothing. Consider applying perfumes and body fragrances before you get dressed.

5. Use a handheld clothes steamer

Before you put your clothes back into the closet, use a clothes steamer to polish the wrinkles. The hot steam coming out of the device also restores the quality of the fabrics.

After steaming it up, let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes, and then fold them correctly.

Final words:

You may be tempted to buy new clothes from time to time, but I recommend that you always keep your favorite office attire. These clothes are irreplaceable as it adds some value to your work (psychologically), especially when you got promoted while wearing them.

Furthermore, general clothing care tips are essential when you want to save up for your future instead of spending it unwisely.


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