Practicing Self-Care At Home – Infographic

Practicing Self-Care At Home – Infographic

A lot has been written on the topic of reducing stress from our lives. Common suggestions focus on lifestyle changes such as turning off the news, establishing a daily workout routine, changing jobs or careers, and remaining positive in the face of adversity.

While these are all good and highly recommended,

the following infographic focuses on things we can do at home and in our homes. Changing our physical environment has a greater effect on our stress levels than we may recognize.

Colors, scents, lights, and other sensory factors have proven to help people unwind. That’s why it is advised to change your wall color, incorporate plants in your décor, light candles, improve the lighting, and much more.

The infographic also offers ideas for personal self-care

that can be done at home, including dressing more comfortably, enjoying a spa day, and soaking in a hot tub. Combined, these self-care activities could turn your home into a true sanctuary for tense times. You’ll be surprised at what a difference these seemingly easy things can make to your stress level!

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