Michigan Podcast Shares Helpful Tips for Talking to Children About Death

Michigan Podcast Shares Helpful Tips for Talking to Children About Death

Monroe, Michigan-based twin brothers Benny and Dr. Nick Capaul talk about taboo topics, like death, in a way that works to break stigmas in society on their new podcast Let’s Talk About Death.

In a year that has been filled with so much death,

anxiety, and hardship, the Capauls know that humor helps us all cope and heal.

Episode 3 of the show focuses on how to best discuss death with children and why they should be included when attending a family member’s funerals. The twins share top tips to help with understanding.

Benny and Nick both being parents,

have experienced visiting with families to help them navigate a loss and how to talk to their children about the deceased family member.

Benny and Nick, who grew up living around and working in a fourth-generation funeral home in Ida, both have years of experience, expertise, and knowledge, and are now professionals in careers as a funeral director and a psychologist.

Talking to Children About Death podcast episode can be played at this link.

All episodes stream on Spotify, Google, Apple and other major platforms. Listeners can subscribe for free. New episodes start streaming every other Wednesday.

Everyone can get involved in the conversation by sending in questions to get answered on future episodes to letstalkaboutdeathpod@gmail.com. Find out more at www.letstalkaboutdeathpodcast.com.

If you’re not talking about death, you’re not living!

*Photo courtesy of Benny and Dr. Nick Capaul

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