Michigan Homeschooled Teens Featured in Holiday Film, A Bennett Song Holiday!

Michigan Homeschooled Teens Featured in Holiday Film, A Bennett Song Holiday!

Are you looking for a feel-good holiday film to watch with your family this season? Check out A Bennett Song Holiday!

Vision Films Inc. (“Vision”) announced the DVD and VOD release of A Bennett Song Holiday on November 10, 2020.

The full-length feature from Executive Producers Nancy Oeswein and Thor Grandview, Auburn Moon Productions, Director Harley Wallen, and Painted Creek Productions, will be available in the US and Canada.

Once again, the truly diverse cast, including five deaf actors who speak ASL, address poignant issues including racism, loyalty, education, and tolerance.

These topics are handled with storytelling appropriate for the entire family and the film features new musical numbers, all reinforcing that family truly is who you chose it to be and that love comes in many colors.


The Bennett-Song family returns for the holidays with some big news – Mrs. Song is expecting a baby to add to their diverse roster of 14 adopted children.

The family will need to team up to take on a powerful real estate developer who wants to close down their uncle’s community center for disabled and at-risk kids. A little love, teamwork, and holiday magic is sure to save the day.

Lise Romanoff, CEO and Managing Director of Vision Films says, “Harley Wallen has struck another beautiful chord with A Bennett Song Holiday and the talented young cast is so impressive.

A mixed-race family taking on established power structures is so very timely and wrapped up in this particular story, makes for the perfect holiday film we all need right now. ”

Harley Wallen, Director shares, “I knew after I read the script this would be something truly special, so much love, diversity and inclusion.

I must admit the journey was even better than I had expected. I can’t wait to share this film with the world, it is so much of the things we all need right now!  It feels like a “feel-good classic” to me already.”

The film stars Corbin Bernsen (Psych, Major League), Dennis Haskins (Saved by the Bell), Calhoun Koenig (Law & Order SVU), Harley Wallen (Betrayed), Aphrodite Nikolovski (Agramon’s Gate), and Bryce Xavier (Total Eclipse).


Fellow Michigan homeschool families…you will LOVE this! The lead actress in this film is a recent homeschool grad and there are at least 2 other major supporting roles and a couple of feature roles played by homeschooled teens in Michigan! Amazing, right? Power to the homeschoolers!!

A Bennett Song Holiday will be available on: iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon, GooglePlay, Vudu, and Vimeo, and across hundreds of U.S. cable providers including Comcast, Spectrum, Charter, Cox, Dish, DirecTV and more. DVD retailers include Amazon and all other major online retailers. Canadian cable providers include Rogers, Shaw, and Bell.

About Vision Films

Vision Films is a leading independent sales and VOD aggregator specializing in the licensing, marketing, and distribution of over 800 feature films, documentaries, and series from some of the most prolific independent film producers in the world.

Led by Lise Romanoff, Managing Director/CEO Worldwide Distribution, Vision Films releases 2-4 films a month across Theatrical, VOD, DVD, and television platforms. visionfilms.net

About Auburn Moon Productions

Auburn Moon Productions is an award-winning producer of independent feature films. Helmed by screenwriter Nancy Oeswein, they are best known for the family films Bennett’s Song and A Bennett Song Holiday but have released award-winning films in the thriller and horror genres as well, including Moving Parts, Betrayed, Eternal Code, Agramon’s Gate and Enigma.

About Painted Creek Productions

Painted Creek Productions is a production company known for films such as Eternal Code, Bennett’s Song, Agramon’s Gate, Abstruse and Betrayed.  Founding partners and owners are Harley & Kaiti Wallen located in beautiful Lake Orion, Michigan.


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