Signs That Your Child Might Have Hearing Damage

Signs That Your Child Might Have Hearing Damage

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Hearing damage is something that no one is immune to. We can forget that our hearing is very sensitive and we may be exposed to loud noises or we suffer an illness or disease of some kind, which can do damage to our hearing.

With that being said, it’s worth looking out for those tell-tale signs that would suggest you or a loved one might have some form of hearing problem. Here are signs that your child might have hearing damage.

Learning To Talk Is Taking Longer Than Usual

When learning to talk, a lot of it is reliant on what sounds you can hear from those around you. It’s normal to watch the lips in order to figure out how to say the words but if your child is struggling to pick up this primary skill, it may be cause for concern.

Everyone learns at a different pace and so it shouldn’t be something you worry too much about but it’s definitely one to watch when it comes to your child’s growth.

Hearing damage can be something that they have from birth or could be exposed at a young age to a loud sound or noise. It’s important that you’re encouraging your child to be active when talking so that any of these problems can be made more noticeable a lot earlier on.

So look out for any signs while they are talking, whether it’s struggling to form sentences or simply not registering what you’re saying to them. Especially with short and simple words, they should be easier to pick up.

They Don’t Reply When You Call Them

When it comes to you communicating with your children, you’ll often vocalize it from another room and sometimes, they just don’t hear you. They might be pre-occupied with something else or you’re too far away to hear.

However, there are occasions where you might be talking to your child and for some reason, they’re not responding when it’s clear they can hear you. This could be if you’re in the same room as them and they’re looking in your direction.

It’s true that children simply choose to ignore you. But for some, it might be that they genuinely can’t hear you. Again, it’s another sign that might not be so apparent at first but can often be more noticeable to more it happens.

Pay attention to how responsive your child is to the sound of your voice and that of others that are around them at various points.

They’re Talking Very Loudly

When you’ve got hearing issues, one of the signs that something’s not right is that the person will often talk a lot louder because of it. The reason for this is that they perhaps can’t hear their voice as much as they would usually do if their hearing was crystal clear.

Again, it’s something that they might not notice themselves because they won’t necessarily know they’re speaking louder than what’s normal. It’s often something that others pick up before the person in question.

If you find that your child is talking loudly, it might just be a habit that they’ve developed but it’s something to be wary of. If it doesn’t really change, then it might be worth asking why they’re talking loudly. With that being said, if they look at you blankly, it might be a good idea to learn more about getting a hearing test.

They Ask For The Volume To Be Turned Up Higher

Do you find that they’re asking for the television to be turned up more regularly than not? Or perhaps you walk into them watching their favorite show at a louder volume than normal? If that’s the case, then sometimes it can be simply a matter of them turning it up to hear it over other household noise or because they’re not quite aware of how sound levels work.

However, if it’s frequent, it might be cause for concern and something you’ll want to keep on top of. The more they’re exposed to loud sounds, the more dangerous it can be to their ear health.

These signs are something that shouldn’t be ignored and when it comes to your child’s health, it should always remain a priority. With that being said, take note of these signs and if there’s anything that you feel is wrong with your child’s hearing, take them to see an audiologist who can help.

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