Signs of Foundation Problems in Your Home

Signs of Foundation Problems in Your Home

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Signs of Foundation Problems in Your Home

When you get a house inspected before buying it, foundation problems top the list of items to look for. Your home can quickly lose value when foundation problems become excessive. Homeowners must learn to recognize the early signs of foundation problems to prevent severe damage. Pay attention to the floors and walls of your home. Concrete on the outside of your home can also offer clues about foundation issues. When you notice subtle differences in your home, you may need to have an inspection to discover problems.

Floors and Cement

You may notice small changes in your floor when your foundation begins to have problems. When checking floors, be sure to check the garage, driveway, and sidewalks as well. Even your backyard porch may begin to show signs of foundation complications. Look for cracks and uneven flooring. You may see these cracks easier if you have hard floors, rather than carpet. Eventually, ceramic tile can also crack when the foundation shifts. You may also begin to notice water pooling in random areas outside. A quality Michigan foundation repair company can help you remedy both mild and severe problems with your home.

Walls and Doors

If you begin to have trouble with your doors or windows, you may think they just need replacing.  Take notice of doors or windows that stick when you try to open them. Foundation problems often cause uneven floors. This can cause your door or window to stop fitting in the frame properly. If you have to adjust doors in your house every time you open or close them, call for a foundation consultation.

Air Quality

You may not notice a shift in your indoor air quality right away. If you do notice a difference, you may assume the cause has to do with weather or seasonal changes. You may even have concerns about your air conditioning or heating unit. Problems with the foundation, however, can lead to unhealthy moisture buildup in your home. Look out for indoor humidity and mold.


Severe problems may also cause problems with plumbing, resulting in water leaks into your home. Shifts in the foundation can damage plumbing under your home and in your walls. If you have a leak under your home, you may notice low water pressure and a higher water bill. If your water company confirms that your meter reads properly, the increased water usage may indicate a plumbing leak. You may also notice that rainwater pools on your sidewalk or porch. When your property ceases to drain properly, you may have a foundation problem.

Homeowners should pay attention to small changes in their homes. You can often get control of foundation issues before the problem progresses to an excessively complicated situation. Call for an immediate evaluation when you notice small cracks or issues with doors. Foundation repair can become more expensive if you delay getting help. All houses settle into the ground over time. Proper maintenance and repairs can help you avoid major problems.


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