6 Reasons to Get Your Gutters Cleaned Every Year

6 Reasons to Get Your Gutters Cleaned Every Year

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It’s no secret that a roof’s guttering is an essential item. Its primary purpose is to transport away rain that has fallen down your roof and drain it away down your drainpipes. The trouble is, many homeowners overlook gutter maintenance.

When that happens, homeowners often end up paying a lot of money to have damaged guttering replaced. In worst-case scenarios, they might need to pay for other repairs caused by the water not draining away properly.

Here are some reasons why it makes sense to get your gutters cleaned every year:

1. You Don’t Want Damaged Guttering

You might not think it, but leaving your gutters caked in debris like leaves and dirt is a guaranteed way to cause them damage. As you might expect, replacing damaged guttering isn’t a five-minute job, nor is it something you can do if you hate working at heights.

2. You Don’t Want Damaged Fascias

When guttering starts to overflow and leak due to blockages, the water will begin infiltrating fascias. Such long-term overflowing will inevitably cause fascias to become damaged, especially due to the extra weight carried inside of them because of water pooling.

That’s why it makes sense to contact some gutter cleaning experts and have them clean your gutters properly at least once a year.

3. Your Roof Could Leak

When water continues to pool in blocked guttering, the overflowing water has to go somewhere. As you now know, some of that water will make its way inside your fascias. But, it can also end up penetrating your roof.

It can spread and end up going through the roof insulation and eventually through the drywall in severe cases.

4. Your Ceiling Could Leak

As if a leaking roof isn’t bad enough news, the water will follow the path of least resistance and, thanks to gravity, make its way through your ceiling. When that happens, your repair bill will just keep increasing as you’ve now got interior damage to contend with.

If left untreated, the leaking ceiling can pose health problems for all inhabitants of your home, such as asthma due to mold forming on moist areas.

5. Mold Can Develop on Your External Walls

When rainwater doesn’t get drained correctly, it can also overflow onto your external walls. If the rainwater consistently attacks certain areas, you’ll soon discover mold forming indoors on your exterior-facing walls.

When that happens, you’ll typically need to excavate the wall back to the bare brickwork and install new drywall and plaster.

6. You Could Experience a Pest Infestation

Did you know many insects get attracted to stagnant water? If your guttering becomes blocked, you could end up with a pest infestation. You might think that an insect infestation isn’t that bad a problem to tackle.

Even if there’s no stagnant water, rats, mice, and birds can use clogged-up guttering as lairs or places to breed.

Final Thoughts

The above examples are just some of the many reasons why it makes sense to keep on top of your guttering maintenance each year. As DIY home maintenance tasks go, gutter cleaning is simple yet effective and prevents so many problems.

Thanks for reading this blog post – hopefully, you’ve found it useful.

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