4 Efficient and Effective Organization Solutions for Minimalists

4 Efficient and Effective Organization Solutions for Minimalists

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By Lizzie Weakley

If you’re ready to downsize your home for any reason, you might be able to use the following tips to minimalize your living space. Most of us accumulate household furnishings and various possessions over several years. We hardly realize how much we have collected until the house starts to feel overwhelmingly crowded. Here are some things you can do to expand your living space by removing clutter.

Get Rid of the Disposables

Gather everything that is of no use to anyone in the house and have it hauled away. Broken furniture that you meant to repair and stacks of old magazines can be tossed into the waste bin or recycled for cash or free. Clearing away the things that are unwanted and unusable will immediately open up space that will make your home feel roomier.

Eliminate Unneeded Items

After removing useless things, sort the items that someone else might want. Dated clothing, music, or furniture are welcome to be dropped off at thrift stores. You can also sell them online or arrange a yard sale in nice weather. Cleaning out your closets, cupboards, attic, and basement will definitely make your home seem spacious and open. You can put those areas to better use with all of the unwanted things out of the way.

Pack Up Extra Belongings

You might come across some things that you can’t use but might want in the future. Or you may decide to save them for your kids when they grow up or have their own children. Browse local self storage units, like from U-Stor-It Mini Storage, to find one that fits your needs. Boxing up extra things that are not needed right now, like children’s toys and holiday decorations, will keep them out of the way and preserved in good condition for when they are needed in the future. Additional winter blankets or a dog house for a pet that you no longer can be stored for possible later use if opportunities arise.

Reorganize the Important Things

After removing many things that took up needed space, you can now reorganize the furnishings you want to use currently. Stack boxes neatly in the closet or in cupboards. Put up extra shelving in the cleared areas of the basement or attic for things you plan to use over the next year or so, so they will be handy.

Rearranging your home to get rid of unneeded things to make way for the items of value will give your home a fresh feel. Collect some boxes or plastic tubs with lids to start putting things in convenient order.

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