7 Amazing Places to Explore in Michigan

7 Amazing Places to Explore in Michigan

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Whenever you plan a trip, what are the things you fantasize about? Surely, you want to experience all aspects of nature starting from huge dunes through inland waterways to acres of forests. However, the question is that does such a perfect place even exist on this planet? Well, yes it does and it is named Michigan. Have you ever thought to visit this place? Well, after reading this article I am sure you will be persuaded to book your tickets and fly to Michigan.

Michigan is a state which means “large lake”. This beautiful state is incorporating 3200 miles of shoreline and not only this, it features acres of forests and wilderness too so you can gain an unforgettable experience. There are plenty of amazing beauty spots to visit in Michigan and that list is never-ending, therefore without any further wait let’s explore the alluring places in Michigan:

Holland State Park Beach:

This beautiful beach is situated in the west of Holland. It is stretched over an area of around 140 acres and there is nothing that you cannot do here. Starting from boating to camping your adventure will come to no end.

Arch Road and Mackinac Island:

Being part of the landscape, this natural arch is approximately 146 feet above the ground and its naturalness adds more to its aesthetic beauty. Besides this, on this island, you may find other geological formations and architectural structures where you can spend your time.

Frederik Meijer Gardens:

You love flowers and are attracted by colors? Then this is the place worth visiting by you, my friend. This 150-acre land is the most beautiful and intriguing place in Michigan. It incorporates an eight-acre Japanese garden which is a sight to be seen.

Mount Bohemia:

In case you want to experience a sight from a height then visit mount bohemia. Not only one but it offers a two-wheel chair exciting experience and it has the second-highest vertical drop.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore:

As the name suggests, this is one of the most beautiful places in Michigan. It is situated beside lake Michigan and offers cliffs, dark arches, waterfalls, and whatnot? If you are looking for scuba diving then this is the place you need to visit and have fun.

Lake Michigan:

Lake Michigan Is the second largest lake by volume in America besides, it Is one of “the five great lakes of America”. It is a sight to see this lake, believe me. There are beaches, parks, ferries, and even a lighthouse to go to. In case you love water and want to enjoy a picnic at some watery spot then mate, lake Michigan should be your top priority.

Yankee Spring State Park:

This place is meant to be visited by explorers. It is stretched over an area of 5200 acres and the beauty of this spot is unmatchable. If you want to enjoy the rustic and natural vibe then, this is the spot for you.

Bottom line:

Well, I know you can’t wait anymore to visit Michigan after reading about these amazing spots. Therefore, wait no more mate, plan your trip, book your tickets and fly to Michigan.



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