How to Help Your Teen With Depression and Anxiety

How to Help Your Teen With Depression and Anxiety

 By Rachelle Wilber

Possibly the most difficult time in a person’s life is being a teenager. This means your teen will likely be dealing with all sorts of problems which might be anything from drug and alcohol abuse to suicide attempts.

These problems can cause serious mental health issues to arise. You can use these tips to help your teen deal with depression and anxiety.

Educate Yourself

Educating yourself on depression and anxiety can help you understand how it affects your child. For example, the signs of depression often include problems at school such as poor concentration, low self-esteem, and drug and alcohol abuse, among others. You can learn about the signs and symptoms and how to encourage better mental health by reading books on the topic or asking a professional.

Prioritize Their Health

Being in poor health can lead to worsening symptoms of depression and anxiety, among many other problems. For one, lack of sleep can make it harder to focus at school and might even cause one’s emotions to get out of control.

You can prioritize their health by limiting screen time, encouraging physical activity for exercise, providing healthy meals daily, and more. Individual psychotherapy, like that available from Dr. Lynn Fraley LCPC, can aid your teen in learning to handle their emotions better, managing symptoms, and gaining professional support.

Love Them Unconditionally

Although no parent is perfect, it’s important to understand that teenagers are still children who need unconditional love. You can begin by acknowledging their feelings and being understanding of the problems they face as kids.

If you find it difficult to love your child unconditionally, practicing self-care each day can make this easier. For instance, you can exercise on a regular basis, eat healthy meals, do meditation or yoga, take a bubble bath, or something else. It’s important to remember that taking care of your own health and well-being isn’t selfish.

Talk to a Professional

If you feel like you need more help, consider speaking to a mental health professional. He or she can give your teen the guidance they need to cope with everyday life in a healthy manner. Your child deserves every chance to improve and have a successful future.

While depression and anxiety can make life a struggle for teenagers, as a parent, you can make life easier on your kids. Your teen depends on you to be responsible so he or she can live the best life possible. Besides this, you can have more peace of mind by doing the right thing.

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