Why the Right Garden Hose Reel Matters

Why the Right Garden Hose Reel Matters

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Large or small or in between, whichever size your garden is, and whether it is in the ground, a raised bed, or in pots you most likely need a garden hose to keep everything healthy and thriving. But the issue you might run into is which hose reel is the right one for you? They come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, makes, materials with or without accessories. Faced with so many choices, how do you pick one?

You may be wondering why the right garden hose reel matters and how it makes a difference. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Everything you need to know about garden hose reels and why choosing the right one for you makes such a big difference can be found in-depth below.

Is a Garden Hose Reel Even Necessary?

No matter what kind of high-tech or low-tech sprinkler system you might be using, a garden hose and its useful accessories are necessary. There will always be a plant or part of your lawn that will need watering that a stationary sprinkler won’t quite reach, and there will always be uses for a garden hose outside of watering the lawn too, such as washing the car for example. So, a garden hose reel is an essential part of making the use of a garden hose easier than ever.

Safe Storage

One of the reasons why the right garden hose real is important is for safety and storage. No matter what kind of garden hose you’ll be using you’ll want to keep it neatly in storage. A coiled pile of the garden hose at the side of the house is probably not something you enjoy seeing on your lawn. Additionally, if you have children or pets or are elderly, a messy coil of the hose is a tripping hazard waiting to happen.

It’s also a bit unsightly in the middle of the yard, no matter how long you struggle to try and coil a hose up without a garden hose reel it is bound to look untidy. There is the chance, too, that laying on the ground will cause an unsightly spot on the grass and might give harbor to all sorts of critters and bugs when you aren’t using your garden hose.

Wall-Mounted or Not?

There are wall-mounted garden hose reels, hose reels that are freestanding, come in a container, or even sturdy carts. For those of us who happily spend hours working on our gorgeous gardens, landscaping our yards, and growing beautiful flowers you will no doubt want a garden hose reel that keeps the hose off the ground. A wall-mounted garden hose reel is perfect for maintaining a stunning view while ensuring no space is being taken up by the hose.

Quality Matters

You could choose to purchase a garden hose reel on sale from a local hardware store made of plastic. That’s certainly a possibility. However, consider a few things first.

  • Plastic hose reels are kept outside in the sun. Most plastics exposed to the UV rays from sunlight will become embrittled over time. UV rays cause cross-linking and weakened plastic materials. When this happens, plastics begin to crack, flake, or worse, break apart.
  • Cheaper garden hose reels may use cheap jumper hoses. Jumper hoses are what connect the reel to your spigot. Usually, this jumper hose uses or comes with plumbing hardware as well. Not only are the cheaper jumper hoses and plumbing material not guaranteed to be drinking water safe, but they may also actually be contributing to adding toxic chemicals into your lawn, garden, or flowers. This could mean chemicals like lead, BPA, and more soaking into the ground and eventually ending up in your water table and possibly seeping into your home’s drinking water.

So instead of simply buying any old garden hose reel, carefully consider the features you want and what materials have been used in the plumbing, the jumper hose, as well as the construction of the hose reel itself. A good quality garden hose reel will be made from a lightweight alloy metal that resists weather effects such as rust and corrosion and it should use all drinking-water safe plumbing and hoses.

Last, but never least, it should be worth every penny by offering nothing less than the best performance, ease of use, and versatility. The right garden hose matters because you know you will be using it daily for many years, so it should be a worthy investment that won’t fail you when you need it.


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