Tips That Can Lead to Saving Money on Your Bills

Tips That Can Lead to Saving Money on Your Bills

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Is it that time of the month again where all your bills are laid out on the dinner table, and all you can do is put your head between your hands?  There is not a more stressful and frustrating day than sorting out bills and deciding where to cut finances.

Do you cut your spending money which is the only way you can do one or two things a month that make you happy? Do I let go of the household nanny that my children love? Is there some type of other comfort food that does not involve ice cream and pasta?

All these questions do eventually pop up in your head while sitting at that dinner table. Well, luckily for you, you do not have to do any of that. You can save money by following these tips that only require you to make small changes in your home.

#1 Turn off Unnecessary Lights

Lights that shine all day long take up a lot of electricity – electricity that you pay for unnecessarily. Turn off lights in the daytime as well as when the household goes to bed at night. By switching off two 100 Watt light bulbs for two hours a day, you can save up to $15 over a year. If you want to go the extra mile, switch to LED lightbulbs. LED lights are known for their energy efficiency and lower electricity bills.

#2 Each Drop Counts

There is nothing more soothing than taking a warm bath with bubbles and relaxing with your favorite beverage and listening to your favorite tunes. This sounds like the perfect idea until that water bill flies through the door.

Baths use an average of 30 gallons of water each time – switch to singing in the shower when you have a terrible day at work. Your shower time must also be as short as possible in order for it to be different from taking a bath.

This means that if you’re the person who takes a shower that lasts forty minutes and uses all the hot water, just stick with the bath. If two people in the household reduce their shower time by 2 minutes, you can save up to $30 a year.  It is also essential to get that leaking faucet fixed – think about giving your local plumber a call to come and have a look at the leak.

#3 Go Green 

Choosing to switch to solar energy is becoming more and more popular in communities. With the rise in air pollution, there is a growing threat to the health of all living things. Sign up at your local solar energy farm to lower your taxes and get clean, renewable energy to power your entire household in a sustainable manner.

You are not only saving your money, but you are doing your part in managing resources in the community. Choosing to go green is not as difficult as it might seem; so make the change and be the change!

You do not need to sit every month in that miserable position at the dinner table. Follow up on these easy tips and save some extra money each year. With every penny saved, it’s an extra sigh of relief for your pocket.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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