5 Ways to Ease The Pressure As A Homeschooling Parent

5 Ways to Ease The Pressure As A Homeschooling Parent

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Supporting your well-being as a parent when homeschooling is something many parents can overlook. After all, you are already pretty stretched, and your time is precious as you juggle work life, home life, and being responsible for your child’s education.

As the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” and this is true for all parents, not just homeschooling ones. So looking for ways to help ease the stress and allow yourself time to relax and recharge your batteries can be massively beneficial to your health and mental wellbeing.

Engage Resources

Home learning resources have never been easier to get hold of since the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. With more and more companies and charities offering resources, learning applications, and more, it has never been easier to take the load off by letting companies such as Age of Learning support your lesson plans.

Pupil Guided Learning

Letting your child help with the lesson planning will help not only their education journey but also your mental load. Allow them time to do their own research and take control of what they are learning. This can be a confidence boost for your child and give you further insight into how they are learning independently. While they are taking control of their learning, you can utilize this time to take a break or focus on other areas of your life.

Have A Flexible Schedule

Life doesn’t always do what we want it to when we want it to. As such, homeschooling needn’t be rigid and follow public school times or patterns. Allow your lifestyle to dictate the flow of your schooling times and days to find a schedule that fits with your life.

Don’t be afraid to hold off on lessons until later on in the day or even end the day early if need be. Learning to relax over how and when you teach at home will result in a more relaxed and easy homeschooling experience. On average many home-schooling parents only have schooling for around 3.5 hours a day. The focus of one-to-one learning in a more relaxed environment means you can indulge in a higher quality lesson rather than a long and drawn-out classroom experience.

Hire Experts

Many homeschooling parents will tell you that they don’t actually know everything. In a regular school, especially once your child enters middle and high school in the public school system, they will have different teachers for a different subject. As such, you cannot be expected to know everything about everything.

Don’t be afraid to bring in outside help to teach your children anything you are unable to. Hire a tutor or enroll in an online program for lessons such as biology, chemistry, or algebra if need be. This will give them a more rounded and in-depth learning experience.

Learn With Your Child

One thing many parents are worried about when starting their home education journey is not knowing the answer when they are asked something. One way around this is to learn together with your child. Instead of becoming flustered and stumbling for a possibly wrong answer, tell them you are sure, but you can find out together. This will reinforce to your child that you are never too old to learn things, and you can be confident they are getting the correct information.


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