Pet Tech: Gadgets To Help Improve Your Pet’s Life

Pet Tech: Gadgets To Help Improve Your Pet’s Life

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Gone are the days when the pet products in your home only included a food bowl, a leash, a cage, and a tennis ball or mouse on a stick. Pet technology — commonly referred to as “pet tech” — is a phenomenon that joins artificial intelligence and veterinary equipment to improve the lives of pets.

It typically unlocks a new level of animal health and wellbeing by allowing you to track the health, lifestyle habits, and overall happiness of your furry friend.

As technology continues to become more prevalent

in our daily lives, the Pet Tech industry has taken on the trend of digitally enhancing their products: Petcare.

More than 67% of American households own at least one pet. With over 300 million mammals, birds, and miscellaneous amphibians in homes across the U.S., there’s probably a gadget or two that could enhance your pet-owning experience.

There are four main categories

that are targeted by the Pet Tech industry: Safety, owner convenience, communication/entertainment, and home health care.

  1. Safety: Safety products can keep your furry friends protected from location monitoring, training collars, and electric fences.
  2. Owner Convenience: This category contains products like automatic feeders and self-cleaning litter boxes.
  3. Communication/Entertainment: This category focuses on smart toys that keep your pet entertained while home alone. Also, it includes things like cameras that allow you to check in on your pet when you’re not around.
  4. Home Health Care: Products in this category monitor your pet’s health by collecting and analyzing their daily health analytics.






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