15 Self-Care Tips for Moms

15 Self-Care Tips for Moms

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As a parent, society expects you to get up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning and seize the day. You’re expected to be happy every minute of every single day, and you’re expected to love parenthood with every fiber of your being.

It’s not quite like that though, is it?

Of course, you love your little critters. You created life and you built children from scratch. They’re the gem in the center of your world and you adore them; of course, you do. The thing is, so many people don’t talk about how truly exhausting it is to be a mother.

They don’t talk about how difficult the days can be and how long they feel when you deal with little ones who can’t speak all that well, who scream and shout and push to get their way. Children can’t regulate their emotions right away, nor can they explain their exact needs.

So, as a mother, you spend every hour of every day trying to stay on top of what they want while neglecting what you want – and worse? You neglect what you need.

Time may be short as a mother, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be putting yourself first sometimes. You don’t have to make life difficult for yourself by putting yourself on the back burner, so it’s time to stop.

Whether it’s figuring out when to trim and cut your hair and actually booking an appointment, or it’s putting an early night first in your week, you need to look after yourself. So, with this in mind, here are some of the best ways that you can adopt some self-care into your day-to-day routines. Let’s dive right in!

1. Go for meditation sessions.

Head to a group and meditate in the park at sunrise, you need to consider taking a moment to just pause. Pause, and breathe slowly. Mothers often don’t even realize that they are holding their breath half the time, but you need to take a mindful moment to breathe and empty your mind.

2. Take a moment to read.

When was the last time you sat with a great book and immersed yourself in a world reimagined by another? Getting lost in a book, in the characters and the whole world that’s been created is one of the best moments of self-care. If you can’t dig deep into a whole novel, you can still enjoy your favorite magazine or a newspaper – cover to cover!

3. Make your skincare routine a fixed one.

You need to do more than slap on some moisturizer. You deserve to sit and craft a full skincare routine and take your time to look after yourself. From creating a ritual involving cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, you need to do the right thing for your skin and give yourself a mini-pampering session.

4. Buy a beautiful journal.

As a woman, you are still a person with thoughts and feelings. Even after you become a mother, you are still that person. Keeping a journal, you can pour out any of the emotions that you are pushing down through the day and give yourself an outlet. You are allowed to have all of these feelings as a parent – you’re still human!

5. Unload to your friends.

Whether your friends are loaded onto a Facebook group or you have a local bestie you can call, you need to unload all the stress you’re feeling and that means calling a friend and talking. You need someone you can count on to listen to you no matter how sad or frustrated you feel. If you don’t have an immediate person you can call, give your pets a hug.

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6. Yoga

We’ve suggested yoga because you can stretch and relax, but to be honest it can only take a simple stretching session to make your whole body feel invigorated once again. Stretch out your arms, legs, hands – everything! You need to add this in every morning if possible, and if you need to, do it while you are making the kids’ breakfast.

7. Exercise

Whether it’s pushing the baby in the stroller for a walk or you go for a run on your own every night, exercise is a great way to care for yourself. You can add a workout to fit in with your life and push your body to burn off all of the adrenaline possible. If you can’t get out of the house, there are plenty of online workouts you can do to give your body the chance it needs to move.

8. Pamper yourself.

A haircut may be a hygiene thing, but without one, you’re likely to feel less than beautiful and you should feel pretty on the inside and out. Haircut and head massage is the perfect way to add a little self-care to your life.

You can book yourself onto a spa day or even a whole weekend if you can, and make sure that you get a full-body massage while you’re there. A remedial massage is going to change your life when you spend time carrying your kids on your hip! It’s exhausting and painful to be a mother sometimes, but it’s much easier when you’re looked after.

9. Hydrate.

When was the last glass of water you had? Believe it or not, hydration is not designed to be self-care. In fact, it’s designed to keep you alive. However, drinking water and remaining hydrated is a good way to care for yourself and will ensure that you are able to continue functioning through the day.

10. Learn something.

Taking the time to sign up for a course and learn something is the ultimate in self-care. Motherhood can put you in a spin of tiredness and baby schedules, but if you keep your brain learning and studying, you are going to maintain your ability to think and learn beyond motherhood. Even short, 15-minute podcasts can help you to learn new things!

11. Cook something delicious.

Food should never be used to feed your emotions, but delicious food is so much sweeter when you have cooked it yourself. You can feel a great deal of excitement cooking something from scratch, and you can feel yourself becoming more motivated when you cook for yourself, too. It’s exciting to learn something new!

12. Go dark with your technology.

From flicking off your phone for an afternoon to powering down your tablet for a while, you need your eyes off the screen as an act of self-care. You can be distracted by everything when you stay glued to your phone, and you should take the time to remove the crazy from your day-to-day life and just enjoy the silence a phone can give you when it’s turned off.

13. Dance party!

Cranking up your favorite music and dancing out the frustration is a great way to burn off a little steam. If you don’t want to disturb the neighbors, add some headphones and make sure that you’re boosting your mood privately.

You can choose to get the kids involved if you want to, but make this your self-care and dance as if no one is watching you. Dance in a silly way, a manic way, a slow way – every conceivable way you can consider, you should do it and dance it out.

14. Write yourself a letter.

It doesn’t have to be anything mushy, but write yourself a letter and tell yourself how much better things will feel as time goes on. It’s a good way to look back on yourself in a few months and remember where you were and how far you’ve come.

It can be the ultimate pick me up to read that your life has soared in just a few months. A letter can also be giving you advice, listing the things that you hope to achieve, and giving you a moment to reflect on what your kids are doing, too.

15. Just do nothing.

Literally, for a day, hand the kids to your spouse or a trusted family member and don’t do a thing. It’s one of the best ways to care for yourself and all it involves is lying down. Close your eyes and just breathe. Don’t watch Netflix, don’t scroll your social media. Don’t think. Don’t write anything. Just be. You deserve to take a moment just to be you without anything to distract you or take your mind away from life.

Motherhood is going to be a life-changing event in your life, but it’s very difficult to see the wood in the trees when you are in the trenches of sleep deprivation. Taking the time to find your own time is important.

The kids are going to survive better with a mother who is well-rested, happy, and able to concentrate on giving her best. That’s you. Why not do what you can for your kids today and make time for yourself for a change?

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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