Summer Entertaining Time: How to Host Great Garden Parties This Year

Summer Entertaining Time: How to Host Great Garden Parties This Year

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By Rachelle Wilbur

What better way to spend a warm and sunny afternoon than a garden party this summer? The kind of party that makes everyone feel pleased and welcome, like if the host made an effort, and that everyone will be talking about for a long time. First and foremost, can we all agree that virtually every party or get-together has the potential to be the season’s biggest event if properly or promptly planned? Here are some suggestions and methods that have proven to be effective for my previous outdoor parties.

Eat/ Admire

The host of the garden party should most definitely consider acquiring some party necessities. Let’s talk about what that looks like. Most guests would expect to have several delectable items such as cakes, (iced) tea, and sandwiches. In addition to sweet and savory appetizers, the menu should include a nice tossed salad on the side. The party decorations should be versatile with plenty of table linens, tablecloths, authentic silverware, and glasses. Decorations are often overlooked, yet they are critical if you want to leave a lasting impression.

Drink/ Vibe

Serving cool drinks is a must and there should be a mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available to guests. It helps to do the count ahead of time. If the garden party host is throwing a party for 15-20 people, they should anticipate the need for about 10-15 one-liter pitchers of ice tea (or 5-10 pitchers and 5-10 bottles of lemonade) and 7-10 bottles of something effervescent, AKA, alcoholic. As for the music, isn’t it always fun to have something relaxing playing in the background for enjoyment? It is ultimately up to the crowd of course. To decide what kind of music they wish to listen to that afternoon. What is the ambiance? What is the vibe? Spotify and YouTube have been fairly popular these days for summer playlists.

Setting the Mood

Your guests should feel welcome, at ease, and relaxed. That is certainly feasible with an outdoor furniture set. Whether they are relaxing out in the sanctuary or lending the host a helping hand, outdoor seats will welcome and surround them. Every host should consider their guests’ comfort, especially when searching for an outdoor set that is both nice to the touch and appealing to the sight. The addition of some magnificent lights to glisten as the sun sets would be the icing on the cake. Dusk would also be a great time to light an outdoor fire pit if available.

If anyone is hosting a garden party this summer, we hope these tips will help make the event successful and fun for all guests. To ensure that everyone feels welcome and pleased with the experience, let’s be sure to provide ample seating (including outside furniture if possible) as well as plenty of food options from which to choose. It also might not hurt to have some music playing in the background too.

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