What Sort Of Industries Will Provide Good Career Opportunities?

What Sort Of Industries Will Provide Good Career Opportunities?

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If you are currently considering your career options in the US, let’s take a look at some sectors that provide great opportunities at the moment.


The recruitment industry is one that is performing exceptionally well at present. In fact, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation revealed that total revenue for the end of the 2017/18 financial year was £35.7 billion. This marks a record-breaking turnover. It also represents an 11 percent increase in revenue on a year-by-year basis. At present, there are 115,000 professionals employed in this field.

There are several reasons why the industry is performing well. This includes the fact that there has been a fall in the amount of work that is conducted in return for low margins.

Moreover, there has been a greater volume of activity in general. In fact, when it comes to the UK’s labor market, the recruitment industry has been the driving force behind its recovery. It is one of the main reasons why unemployment is falling significantly and employment is at record highs. As of November 2018, the unemployment rate in the UK was four percent.

The importance of the recruitment industry may be somewhat of a surprise considering the fact that the Internet makes it appear easier to find jobs and locate suitable candidates. This is a threat to the growth of the industry and it seems that most job hunters, mba admissions consulting companies, and firms are actually increasingly recognizing the advantages associated with seeking expert assistance when it comes to recruitment.

There is a need for employees to complete a greater number of tasks nowadays, business owners place greater emphasis on the recruitment period.


In the United Kingdom, there are approximately 11,966 dental businesses, which employ more than 110,000 people. Yearly revenue is an estimated £7 billion according to IBISWorld.

When you take into consideration the fact that we have an aging population, it is not hard to see why dentists are in high demand. However, this is not the only reason why we are going to the dentist more.

We have also become a more health-conscious nation, and this is a key reason why you should consider a career as a dentist. Treatments like teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures have really taken the world by storm and they show no signs of slowing down.


In the UK, the bakery market is one of the biggest markets in the food industry. It is worth £3.6 billion. Vogue even described owning a baking business as ‘the career fantasy of our times.

Nevertheless, independent bakeries face stiff competition on their hands, as supermarkets and such like have introduced in-store bakeries, which represents a new type of competition.

Another positive factor that has influenced the industry is the increased demand for bakery snacks, such as scones and rolls, and the sale of take-away sandwiches has also increased. There has been no rise in the amount of bread eaten, there is still a significant number of units sold. Total volume is believed to be just under four billion units. This equates to just under 11 million loaves and packs sold per day.

It is also no exaggeration to say that The Great British Bake Off has also had an extremely positive effect on the industry. It has caused people to rediscover the art of baking.

The Office for National Statistics has revealed that while supermarkets pose the greatest threat to independent bakeries, there has indeed been a rise in the number of independent baking companies over the past few years.

Moreover, requests from cake entrepreneurs have increased by 325 percent since The Great British Bake Off started, as reported by Simple Business Insurance. They state they received 2,000 quote requests from baking entrepreneurs in the aftermath. Home businesses are now flooding the market, with The Great British Bake Off being credited as inspiring people to start up their own bakery business.

So there you have it, four of the best industries to get involved in if you are considering your next career move at the moment!

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