Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Kids to Wear Their New Glasses Every Day

Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Kids to Wear Their New Glasses Every Day

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By Anita Ginsburg

New glasses are a part of the back-to-school routine for many kids. While it may seem obvious to you that your child needs to wear new eyeglasses every day, getting them to actually do so can be challenging. The following five tips will help make wearing eyeglasses a habit for your child.

Make Sure They Have the Correct Prescription

While optometrists and ophthalmologists are highly trained to test your child’s vision, you always have the right to ask for a retest. If your child has been wearing new prescription eyewear for a few weeks and they continue to squint, hold books close to their eyes, or show others signs of difficulty, bring them back to the eye doctor for a recheck. If they haven’t had a vision check in over a year, bring them in for a vision screening before school starts.

Let Them Choose Their Own Frames

If you want your child to wear their glasses every day, you should let them choose their own frames. Sometimes, a bright color or favorite cartoon character can make eyewear more appealing and likely to land on their face each morning.

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Check for Correct Fit

Your child will take off their eyeglasses if they don’t fit correctly. Make sure the nose pads rest on the bridge of their nose, the frames float above their cheeks, and the earpieces gently cradle their ears. Most optical shops offer complimentary readjustment services, so you can bring your child in to ensure their frames still fit correctly.

Emphasize the Benefits of Wearing Glasses

Children will be more likely to wear glasses if they know how they can improve their lives. The benefits of wearing glasses range from showcasing the latest looks to noticing more detail about the outside world. Wearing glasses regularly can also prevent future eye issues. Consider what is important to your child as you tell them why wearing their eyeglasses is important.

Build Glasses Into Their Routine

Even if your child loves their frames and looks forward to joining their friends who wear eyeglasses, getting them to wear their eyeglasses can be challenging. Let them pick out a glasses case and where to keep it so that they remember to wear them each morning.

New eyeglasses can improve your child’s academic performance, social functioning, and overall quality of life. These tips will help you support your child as they learn how to wear and care for their new glasses.

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