6 Trending Front Door Colors to Spruce Up Your Home

6 Trending Front Door Colors to Spruce Up Your Home

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Looking to spruce up your home and impress your neighbors, family, and guests? Need an extra home improvement idea?

One of the easiest ways to make your home feel like new is to repaint your front door. Don’t underestimate the power your entryway has in determining the overall feeling and atmosphere of your home.

With most house colors being neutral, you’re given the perfect opportunity to express yourself and your family to the world. 

Check out our list of some of the best trending front door colors that you should consider for your home below.

Midnight Blue

Dark blue paint gives off an aura of trust, wisdom, and integrity. While contrasting best against a light-colored house, midnight blue is a color that also pairs well with almost any other home color. 

Recommended Color Scheme:

  • Midnight Navy by Benjamin Moore
  • Blue Veil by Benjamin Moore
  • Iced Slate by Benjamin Moore

Charcoal Green

A greenish-black portrays refinement and power. The rule is, the darker your front door, the more powerful your entrance will look and feel. Dramatic colors have become extremely popular in 2021, with there being no signs of the trend stopping anytime soon.

Charcoal green is best paired with light and can complete a strong, elegant entryway. 

Recommended Color Scheme:

  • Black Forest Green by Benjamin Moore
  • Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore
  • Backwoods by Benjamin Moore

Midnight Blue and Charcoal Green are moody and bold colors that remain graceful while still being eye-catching. They are trendy colors that can make your entrance more exciting and striking.

Sage Green

Give your home and entryway a natural atmosphere with a new green front door paint. Representing natural restoration, creation, and prosperity, a sage green door naturally pairs with any green plants in your entryway.

Recommended Color Scheme:

  • Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore
  • Smoke Gray by Benjamin Moore
  • Sierra Spruce by Benjamin Moore

Stained Wood

Bring out the natural aspect of your door and home with a stained wood door. There is a huge selection of different wood stains and colors, making it easy for you to pick the right stain for your home.

Embrace nature and the outdoors with a stained wood door for your entryway.

Recommended Wood Stains:

  • Sandalwood
  • Walnut
  • Mahogany

Sage green and stained woods both allow your home to retain its natural atmosphere and feeling. Your family and visitors will be warmly greeted to a feel-good entrance and environment. These colors put the mind at ease and keep you relaxed.

Red Pepper

A peppery red color will warmly welcome your family and friends every time they walk up to your front door. Bright red doors give off an air of nobility, loftiness, and elegance.

These doors pair best with brick homes and warm-colored exterior paints.

Recommended Color Scheme:

  • Red Pepper by Behr
  • Cinnamon Tea by Behr
  • Colorful Leaves by Behr

Pumpkin Spice

The perfect color to embrace the fall season, Pumpkin Spice is a unique color that will make your entrance exude youthfulness and joy. 

For those with a sandy, yellowish home, a pumpkin spice door will create a unique color scheme that resembles the desert. 

Recommended Color Scheme:

  • Maple Leaf by Behr
  • True Copper by Behr

Red Pepper and Pumpkin Spice are two earthy and warm colors that pair well with neutral exteriors. Not only do they create a pleasant atmosphere for your entrance, they are also eye-catching and incredibly beautiful paired with the right home.

Now that you’ve seen six different front door colors that can change the dynamics of your home, you’re well on your way to learning the Art of Color and sprucing up your house and making a change that your family and friends will love.

Beta Fish by Behrwill love. 

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