A Few Ways To Help Look After Your Kids Mental Health

A Few Ways To Help Look After Your Kids Mental Health
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Just like adults, kids can struggle with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted just like we do. However, a lot of the time parents just shrug it off as kids being lazy or naughty.

Over the last two years, we have seen a huge decline in mental health in adults and children and it is important now more than ever to help not only look after your mental health but help look after your kid’s mental health too. This can then help prevent them from having bigger issues when they are older and unable to deal with them healthily.

Be Around Nature And Get Away From Everyday Life

Being around nature often is always good for mental health for everyone. It is a way to calm yourself, for kids to run wild, be kids and get off their phones. Being around nature is good for the mind, body, and soul.

It helps reduce stress, breath in some of that good oxygen, absorb vitamin D from the sun, and have a break from TV, computers, and phones. Also having a break from everyday life in nature is a great idea too. You can do this by going camping. Whether that’s as a family or even a few families together, it will give you a chance to bond on a deeper level and explore nature and what incredible things it has to offer.

It can be a learning experience for children as well with a very hands-on approach. Being around a fire roasting marshmallows with your loved ones? What’s not to love? If you go camping make sure you have all the safety and correct equipment with you. You will need strong flashlights, rucksacks, and waterproof gear in case it decides to rain. You can get all these kinds of items from places like ecogearfx.com.

Incorporate Yoga And Exercise Into Their Routine

Unfortunately, these days, kids spend a lot of time on screens. It is just how the world is now. Everything is online, learning, banking, working, and everything else in between.

We are very much a technology generation and exercise can be forgotten about very easily within busy lives. Exercise is a great asset and something that needs to take priority. It helps to reduce stress and is a great outlet for any pent-up energy or anger.

Yoga is a great option as well, it helps teach deep breathing, being calm, and helps reduce anxiety and stress. There are amazing options for kids to get involved in things like Yoga in a fun way. You can find videos on Youtube which incorporate popular children’s characters and stories into yoga routines so they will be enjoying themselves so much it won’t feel like a chore.

With other exercise options, you can look at classes and teams that may be independent or through their school. It will help them bond and mix with other children, expanding their friendship circle, and may also help them find something new that they are passionate about.

Help Manage Emotions With Structure And Consistency

Children crave consistency, routine, and structure. Children aren’t fully capable of expressing their emotions in the right way which can end up with them lashing out and being labeled naughty which is just as damaging for them.

You can help manage your children’s emotions by introducing stability and notice when things change. You could do this by setting them up with morning and evening routines and then talking through what they will be doing that day. Then if things need to change talk about it and give them notice.

This is why when big unexpected things happen to a child like moving or seeing their parents go through a divorce they can bottle up emotions, withdraw and struggle to adapt. By creating consistency, boundaries, and a trusting relationship with your child early on, you will be able to help them healthily manage their emotions.

Mental Health Reset Days To Help Recharge

Some days, just like for adults, kids get overwhelmed and it just makes them feel poorly. In today’s society, we still push kids to go to school, do their normal tasks, and just ignore those feelings.

This, however, is not healthy at all. If you notice your child is going through this it is best to give them a day to just reset, re-energize and blow off some steam. Just like adults can have long periods of time off work for mental health problems just give your kids a day to get over the feelings in a positive way.

You can even do for them what you do for yourself, run a hot bubble bath, watch your favorite show, and have a relaxing day in bed, go for a walk, and whatever else helps you.

Use The Tools Around You To Help Them

As mental health is such a big thing these days, we are lucky that there are a lot of things online to help us manage it in a healthy way. Creators of children’s books and tv shows are also aware of this and have incorporated it into their storytelling.

You will regularly see characters getting worked up and then someone comes along and gives them a creative way to calm down and feel more like themselves again. There are so many books that help children think about what’s inside their heads, what they are feeling, and how they can deal with it.

It is always worth giving things like this a go as you never know what will resonate with your child. Children also often become overwhelmed with worries which over the pandemic has seemed to be more common from all the changes, lockdowns, and seeing adults panic. There are great items like a worry monster teddy which you give your worries and they take them away from you. It sounds simple but has been proven to work and help children worry less and start to feel more relaxed.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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