History is Delicious & History is Inventive – Book Promotions

History is Delicious & History is Inventive – Book Promotions

I received a copy of “History of Delicious AND History of Inventive” ($19.99 value each) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Honest History engaged and delighted children, parents, and educators around the globe during the scramble for remote learning resources. Now the same team has released their debut middle grade history titles History Is Delicious, by Joshua Lurie, and History Is Inventive, by Brooke Knight.

Does your middle schooler get geeked learning about inventions?

If so, check out History Is Inventive with topics from long ago, not as long ago, and from not long ago.   Gunpowder, cosmetics, calendars, SOS, and microwaves, to mention a few items under the microscope in this Honest History book.

Read the great stories of how and why a product was made.  Or was it made by accident??  Check out also, famous inventors like Charles Drew (from the Blood Bank), Philo Farnsworth (the television), and many more.

Is cooking an interest for your middle schooler?

History Is Delicious shares famous eating/food rituals and etiquette from around the world including Europe, Asia, Middle East, Mexico, and many more.

It also shares local traditions, native ingredients, and a deep connection to past generations.  Check out dumplings from across the world or noodles around the world and recipes from the Middle East.  Did you know the Korean table is best known globally for “barbeque”, meat cooked on table grills?

Honest History books can be purchased at your local bookstore or online at Amazon.  With the holidays approaching, these books might make a great gift for those middle schoolers interested in cooking afar or inventing.  Get your copies today!


About the Authors

Brooke Knight is the cofounder of Honest History and the editor-in-chief of Honest History’s eponymous quarterly “Adventure Magazine for Young Historians.” California-born, Brooke spent her childhood in Eastern Europe learning history from a unique perspective that gave her a lifelong passion for research and sharing history with others. After receiving her B.A. in English, Brooke decided to pursue a career in writing. In 2017, she set out on a mission to combine her love of writing with her desire to create an engaging resource for kids that inspired them to learn more about history through engaging and intentional design and content. Honest History launched in 2018 and today she lives in Los Angeles with her husband (and cofounder) and two children, William and Charlie.

Sophy Smith is an illustrator based in rainy Glasgow who creates bright and lively illustrations celebrating the stories of fascinating people and times in history. Sophy is inspired by the world around her and captures the wonder found within it with bold colors and patterns. She spends her time learning about various mythologies and histories whenever she gets a chance.

Josh Lurie is a renowned food journalist living in Los Angeles where he founded Food GPS in 2005 and continues to showcase the best food and drink, regardless of price or cuisine, while sharing stories of people behind the flavor. Growing up in suburban New Jersey, Josh discovered his love for great food and culture while taking family trips into Manhattan. He graduated from Vanderbilt University and spent seven years working in television before launching Food GPS to fully pursue his passion for food and culture. Josh has contributed articles to numerous publications, among them The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Food Republic, Eater LA, and dine L.A.

Hailing from Yorkshire, Laura Foy is an illustrator and set designer based in London, England. Laura uses traditional mediums to create her signature colorful and playful work. You can find more of Laura’s work at laurafoy.com.


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