National Park Bucket Journal – Book Promotion

National Park Bucket Journal – Book Promotion

Is traveling to National Parks your thing?  If so, the 2021 National Park Bucket Journal is perfect for you or a loved one you may have in mind.

The 2021 National Parks Bucket Journal (spiral-bound, which allows for lots of space for journaling) is one part trip planner, one part bucket list, one part dream discovery, and one part diary.

National Parks have been a part of our heritage

since the first park was dedicated by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1872. There are currently 63 parks covering 52.2 million acres of beautiful land to enjoy.

The National Parks Bucket Journal is organized into 7 regions (Pacific NW & Alaska, Rocky Mountain, Western, Southwest, Midwest, North & Mid Atlantic, and Southeast) and then alphabetically by state, which allows you to choose an area where you live, or will soon visit, and see the National Parks that are around you without flipping through the whole book.

Each of the 63 national parks

has its own two-page spread with plenty of room to plan, discover, and document your trip – record who you went with, how you got there, the views and vistas you loved the most, etc.

The Table of Contents also separates by region and supplies boxes to check off when you’ve completed the visit.  There’s also National Park Trivia, an online interactive map, and blank pages to add more parks if there are any added since publication.

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