How Smoke Damage Can Compromise Your Kitchen

How Smoke Damage Can Compromise Your Kitchen

If your home or business has a fire of any significance, smoke damage will be one of its long-lasting effects. Unfortunately, many people who are victims of fires do not realize this initially, which results in far more damage taking place than would happen otherwise.

Corroding Appliances

If you have metal appliances in your kitchen, such as a stainless-steel refrigerator, the acidic soot that comes from smoke will settle onto your appliances.

When it does and is not removed as soon as possible, it causes the metal surfaces to pit and corrode, meaning you’ll soon be purchasing new and very expensive appliances.

Lingering Odors

Even if the fire you had was relatively small and put out quickly, the odors that come with smoke can linger indefinitely if not addressed at once.

Unfortunately, if you think spraying a little bit of Lysol around will do the trick, it will only be a band-aid on the problem. Instead, you’ll need to rely on smoke damage cleanup professionals who can use specialized deodorizing chemicals to rid your kitchen of these odors.

Yellow Staining

Within only a few hours following a fire in a kitchen, yellow staining can begin to take place on the exteriors of appliances and on fiberglass surfaces, such as kitchen countertops and cabinets.

Since smoke is naturally drawn to such surfaces, the acidic soot will take your kitchen from one that was stunningly beautiful to one that will be in need of major cleanup efforts to salvage what was left.

Floor Replacement

Whether or not the fire originated in your kitchen, there is a strong possibility your kitchen floor became severely damaged not just from the smoke, but also from the water and other techniques and methods firefighters used to save your home or business.

If smoke and burn damage is extensive, floor replacement is usually necessary. However, if odors are the primary problem, deodorizing and resurfacing may be good enough to get your kitchen back in top condition.

Though you will be stunned following the fire that damaged your kitchen, time will be of the essence to ensure the damage is kept to a minimum.

Rather than have appliances that are corroding and odors that won’t go away, turn to a professional who specializes in smoke damage cleanup. By doing so, you’ll soon see your kitchen once again looking bright and vibrant.

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