Last Minute Christmas Gift – An App for the Whole Family: Readly

Last Minute Christmas Gift – An App for the Whole Family: Readly

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Need a last-minute Christmas gift?   Choose Readly, an“all you can read” magazine app. Another way to explain it is, Spotify for magazines.

Readly is a digital subscription service, founded in 2012 in Sweden, which gives readers in 50 countries worldwide access to both local and international magazines in a single app, including leading titles in entertainment, business, women’s interest, beauty, fashion, food, travel, sport, finance, parenting and much more.

Readly allows up to five devices per account, which means family sharing is easy. And with titles across fashion, cooking, parenting, women’s interest, men’s interest, health, design, automotive, and business, there’s something for every member of the family and parental control is available. It also makes the perfect gift for the person that “has it all”.

There are also crosswords on the platform!

Upon using the App, it was actually pretty easy and smooth to use.  Searching for titles was quick and page-flipping and zooming in and out was actually pretty smooth also.  For those online App readers, this is the “cat’s meow”.

Fast facts: 

  • Readly is a digital service that allows customers to have unlimited access to thousands of national and international magazines in a single app, both on and offline.
  • Available on many devices
  • You have access to over 5000 publications in one app
  • Eco-friendly way to read magazines
  • Perfect gift idea – a Readly subscription gift card can be bought for 3, 6 or 12 months.
  • Explore new magazines and read your favorites


Readly offers unlimited magazines and unlimited reading online and so it’s the perfect gift for the “Magazine Enthusiast” in the family!   Searching for titles is easy and magazines load quickly.

Bookmarking is available when returning to finish a magazine.  Favorites can be marked also.  There were a couple of magazines I typically read that were not available, but may not be popular, but all in all most of my usual magazines were available to read.

And just so you know, some reading availability on magazines go back for a few years and not just the current magazine is available to read.  I think there is where  “unlimited reading” comes into play.

I liked the ease of the parental controls as they are easy to switch on and off in the account management, keeping little eyes out of harm’s way if this app is shared with children.  Profiles can also be added for each family member.

Subscriptions are approximately $10/month and for those “Magazine Enthusiasts,” this could be quite a bargain.

Gift cards are also readily available to purchase and quick for last-minute gifts. Great time to finish up your Christmas shopping!

Readly | All magazines – one magazine app subscription


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