New Preventative Health Care Program Helps You Take Control of Your Health From the Comfort of Your Own Home

New Preventative Health Care Program Helps You Take Control of Your Health From the Comfort of Your Own Home

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Adults across the country can now access comprehensive preventive care without visiting a doctor’s office. Quest Diagnostics is launching a consumer-initiated virtual preventive care service that will empower individuals to take control of their health.

This is done by offering many of the tests and biometric screenings that a doctor would typically order as part of an annual physical, as well as a virtual consultation with a healthcare practitioner at no additional charge.

The offering is called the Comprehensive Health Profile

and is designed to meet the needs of individuals who want more visibility into their own health information and access to preventive care at their fingertips.

Specifically, the QuestDirect offering includes lab tests, a behavioral risk assessment, weight, blood pressure, and other information that will provide individuals a personalized snapshot of their overall health.

The Comprehensive Health Profile

will also be combined with a Health Risk Assessment to provide a unique Health Quotient Score, which can be tracked over time to gauge progress against one’s goals. This score is unique to each individual and factors in family health history, health and wellness behaviors, biometrics, and lab test results.

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This offering offers a new way for individuals to rethink their annual physicals. That’s especially important as studies show that many people haven’t visited a doctor during the pandemic or have avoided regular preventive care due to issues of convenience, privacy, and trouble accessing healthcare services.

Join me in a recent interview

with Dr. Jeffrey Dlott, Medical Director, Consumer Health, Quest Diagnostics, who was able to discuss the new virtual preventive care service and how it can help individuals take control of their health with ease and convenience.

See the entire interview here:  Health Test – MichiganMamaNews – YouTube


Jeffrey Dlott, M.D. is Senior Medical Director – Diagnostic Services – in the Medical Affairs Department at Quest Diagnostics serving as Medical Director for Consumer Health (QuestDirect), Sports Medicine, CVME Franchise, General Health & Wellness, and Knowledge Management for the Medical Organization.

Dr. Dlott joined Quest Diagnostics in 2005 as Medical Director of Coagulation and Immunohematology (2008). Prior to joining Quest Diagnostics, Dr. Dlott was co-owner and President of Midwest Hemostasis and Thrombosis Laboratories (1999-2005), Director of Research and the IRB at Ball Memorial Hospital (2000-2003); and Associate Medical Director at the Indiana Blood Center (2003-2005).

Interview is courtesy: Quest Diagnostics

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