IRA is the Best Investment Plan for Your Child’s Future: Here’s Why

IRA is the Best Investment Plan for Your Child’s Future: Here’s Why

By Rick Pendykoski 

Investing in Individual Retirement Accounts or Roth IRA’s is the wisest way to ensure savings for your kids. Initially, you begin adding your contribution to the account, and with time, it will provide maximum advantage well before they turn 18.

This article aims to share further information about how to invest in an IRA and the various benefits it offers.

How to start investing in your child’s future with an IRA? 

Opening an IRA for kids is similar to the other IRAs. The only difference is that since your child could be a minor, these accounts will be opened as custodial or guardian accounts, also known as self-directed IRA. As a custodian, you will be responsible for the decisions regarding the account till your kid reaches the age of a legal adult.

As adults are usually seeking the benefits of a tax-free savings account, so can be the case for children. Children, especially minors, fall under a lower tax bracket. Hence, opting for a self-directed Roth IRA will ensure that a lower taxation amount gets deducted now, and no tax needs to be paid during withdrawal.

Fund your child’s IRA

Funding an IRA for your kid could be from your contribution initially till your child starts earning an income of their own. Once they have a steady income coming in, they can start contributing to the IRA personally.

Funding for Roth IRA’s or even other IRA’s for that matter requires your child to have earning potential. The amount that your child can contribute to their individual retirement accounts is either a maximum of $6000 or their taxable earnings for that year, whichever is less.

Additionally, family members can also help their children fund the IRAs with direct contributions in the form of gifts. Although parents can make such contributions to their child’s IRA, it is essential to remember that the gifting amount should not exceed the income your kid earned that year.

Advantages of Kids IRA’s  

  • Raises Financial Literacy – In a world that is governed by financial freedom, an IRA could be one of the most ideal platforms for your child to start understanding money in all its glory. The sooner they start contributing to their IRA personally, the sooner they will be able to pick up on the correspondence that dictates income, expenses, and savings along with the magic of compounding.
  • Eases Educational Expenses – Educational expenses are unmissable. It is wise to plan for them as soon as possible. IRAs can be your child’s savior here! If the account is five years and older, they can withdraw the amount for tuition fees, accommodation, books, supplies, etc.
  • Ensures Financial Stability to Buy a House – The money from your child’s IRA will serve them more than simply for a secure retirement. Buying a house is another gigantic yet crucial expense that arrives as we age, and with a planned savings account like this, your child will be able to withdraw a limited amount for a down payment or closing costs.
  • Secures Emergency Expenses – Nobody can foresee emergencies, but we can plan a sturdy financial holding for them. The same goes for your kids, and that is where IRAs come to play an influential role. With such savings at their expense, your kids can pay for emergencies with minimal withdrawal fees.

All in all, financial planning does not have an age. And as you saw above, an IRA can help your young ones enjoy a financially safe and secure future by beginning to invest as early as possible to reap the various benefits of compounding.


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