How To Fulfill Your Italian Dream Through A Female Ancestor

How To Fulfill Your Italian Dream Through A Female Ancestor

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Countless Americans yearn for a dream life in Italy because the country offers a mix of everything. There are endless reasons to love it, from pleasant climate to stunning locales, financial opportunities, and rich culture and cuisine.

The best part is that you can unlock citizenship opportunities through ancestral connections. But things can get tricky if you have a female ancestor, as the conventional Jure Sanguinis process will not suffice.

Still, you have the option to fulfill your Italian dream with the 1948 Rule. You can visit to know about this option. Here are some facts you need to know about claiming citizenship through a female ancestor.

The year your ancestor gave birth is crucial

When it comes to claiming citizenship through maternal bloodline, the year your ancestor gave birth is crucial. It decides the roadmap of the entire second passport journey, whether it will come through a consulate or court.

The conventional Jure Sanguinis applies to applicants whose female ascendants gave birth after 1948. Conversely, you will have to proceed through the court if she had her child before 1948 because Italian women were not permitted to bequeath citizenship rights before the year. The government of Italy realized the mistake and introduced the 1948 Rule to resolve it.

You need not worry about a court process

The idea of taking your immigration application to court sounds challenging, but it is easier than you imagine. The fact is that you may even complete it sooner than the Jure Sanguinis process.

The consulates often have long queues of citizenship applications pending, but it is seldom the case in courts. The process may close quickly, and you can start your dream life as an Italian citizen. Even the elements of both processes are quite similar as you require ancestral documents to validate your bloodline. So you need not worry about the court proceedings at all.

Hiring a 1948 specialist gives you a head start

Another factor to know while applying for Italian citizenship by descent through maternal bloodline is that hiring a specialist lawyer can give you a head start. Since the rule has some complexities, you must pick a professional with relevant skills to stay a step ahead.

You can give your case in their hands without worrying about the outcome. Even better, you can skip traveling to Italy and let them represent you in court. All you have to do is provide them with a power of attorney that makes the lawyer your legal representative. You can save a considerable sum on travel and stay with this option. Not to mention, the lawyer ensures everything goes smoothly in court.

The gender of your ancestor shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to claiming Italian citizenship by descent. Everything boils down to understanding your eligibility and picking the apt route from the start.

You can do everything right by collaborating with a citizenship expert rather than taking a DIY approach. It makes you more confident and ensures you complete the process at the earliest.

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