Avoid “Sitting Disease” and Improve Focus with Standing Desks

Avoid “Sitting Disease” and Improve Focus with Standing Desks

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Whether you work in an office outside the home or work directly in the home, does your job require a lot of sitting? As a work-from-home mom who typically doesn’t like to sit for more than half an hour at a desk, this has been a challenge. I just feel like sitting too much is not good for your health, especially while staring at the screen.

I have always been concerned about “sitting disease” and worry that my focus, productivity, and overall health might be affected. Through the years, I have talked about purchasing standing desks for the whole family.  We also homeschool and my husband works from home so this idea just made sense to me. The Stand Up Desk Store might just be the place we start browsing around to see if anything fits our needs.

The space in our home is limited so I think a laptop desk cart would be fitting for my office area as well as for my girls. We try to monitor the amount of time they are sitting for their physical health and well-being as well.

When I came across their website, I was pleasantly surprised at their products on the site. Here are just a few of the many types of desks they offer:

  • Standing Desks
  • Standing Desk Frames
  • Specialty Desks

and more! They also offer a variety of separation panels and accessories! It’s eye candy for the work-from-home geeks like myself. 😉

As part of the navigating and shopping experience, you can shop a specific lift type:

  • Crank
  • Electric
  • Pneumatic
  • Manual

So much to choose from including material color, desk size, desktop color, frame color, price, and more! So fantastic.

Another feature they added to their website is the “Workspace Matchmaker.” This section of the website gives you the opportunity of finding your perfect match by taking a short quiz to reveal their top recommendations for your workspace needs. I jumped right on this option since again, I need an idea of what would fit in our small home office spaces.

The results of my quiz? They recommended their 24″ Mobile Standing Workstation! Perfect! The price isn’t too shabby and it offers FREE shipping. Gotta love that! They offer two colors for this specific product: Black Frame and Teak Top. The Teak Top is like a wood-brown color. To match my work area I would go with the black frame.

I also like how the website has a chat expert assistant available if you have any questions regarding the products.

Upon admiring the products throughout the website, I decided to take a look at their reviews to see what other people are saying. The reviews are great! Many happy and satisfied customers which is a plus.

A product that I found interesting on the website is their Pedal Exerciser Under Desk Bike. What a cool idea! This takes avoiding “sitting disease” to a different level. So many great products to choose from.

Overall, my navigating and browsing experience on this site was easy to use. Their site isn’t overwhelming and it’s fresh and clean for an enjoyable shopping experience.

Do you currently use a standing desk in your home? Would love to hear about your experience using one!


Lindsey Jenn

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