Refresh Your Space This Spring: 5 Ways to Improve Your Home

Refresh Your Space This Spring: 5 Ways to Improve Your Home

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It’s official, spring has officially sprung! We can finally move away from the cold of the winter and start looking forward to all of the colors and celebrations that the next season of the year brings.

Of course, when thinking about getting into a new frame of mind for the next phase of the calendar, it can be really helpful to make some changes to your home to signal the change in season.

Here are some great ideas for how to refresh your space and improve your home in time for the best of the Spring.

1. Redecorate in Lighter Colors

Winter is all about dark, warm tones that can inject some comfortable coziness into a room, but spring is all about celebrating nature and getting ready for summer!

If you have a statement wall or an entire room that you want to change, then opt for light, pastel-oriented colors that bring a sense of freshness to the space. The days outside will be starting to get much lighter for much longer, and your indoor choices should be reflective of this.

2. Improve Your Entertainment Area

There is nothing better than sitting around the television with your friends or family to enjoy a good movie night. When you invite people over this spring, make the experience even better with a new apartment TV stand. Perfecting this area of the living room can really refresh your mind because you can hide lots of stray cables, and make everything look much neater overall.

Not to mention, some of the best primetime series are released in the spring, so it is important to have a good home TV setup!

3. Decorate with Lots of Flowers

Spring is all about nature waking up from its long winter sleep, and you should celebrate this as much as possible by placing beautiful flowers all around your home. Leave no room untouched and have bouquets and pots dotted all over the place. Not only will you get visual pleasure, you will also get a wonderful natural fragrance that permeates your entire space.

4. Switch to Lighter Fabrics

Time to put those heavy duvets and cable knit blankets back in the closet until next winter! Spring brings much milder weather, and you don’t need to hide under lots of togs at nighttime anymore.

To avoid waking up in the morning drenched in sweat and not having had a very peaceful night’s sleep, you should switch to lighter bed covers and blankets that reflect the change in season.

5. Change Your Candle Scents

If you haven’t had a proper home sweep since before Christmas, then it is very likely that your scented candles are still holiday season-based! Remove all of the cinnamon and gingerbread scents and replace them with alternatives that better reflect the spring.

Anything floral is obviously perfect, but there are also candles that boast scents like ‘fresh cotton’ and ‘sea breeze’ that are also perfect for injecting some much-needed spring vibes into your interior decor.

*This article is based on personal suggestions and/or experiences and is for informational purposes only. This should not be used as professional advice. Please consult a professional where applicable.


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