Learn Some Fun Periodic Table Facts From Brainly!

Learn Some Fun Periodic Table Facts From Brainly!

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The Periodic Table is more than something students learn in school. It is a universal guide for scientists all over the world. It is so important it even has its own day: Last month promoted National Periodic Table Day! And Brainly, the world’s largest online learning platform and homework help community, is sharing fun, interesting facts about the Periodic Table to celebrate!

Periodic Fact 1

Where are the superhero fans at? Did you know that element No. 90 Thorium was named after the Norse God of Thunder Thor… and is now part of the Marvel-verse?! Try your hand at some Thorium trivia on Brainly!

Periodic Fact 2

The Periodic Table was designed off its creator, Dmitri Mendeleyev’s, love of card games. He wrote each element on an index card and sorted them like a game of Solitaire. Do you know why he reorganized the Periodic Table? 

Periodic Fact 3

The country of Argentina is named after the periodic element silver (Ag). The Latin name for silver is argentum.

Periodic Fact 4

In 1913, English Physicist Henry Moseley discovered the concept of sub-atomic particles by using X-rays to measure the wavelengths of elements. He then correlated those measurements with their atomic numbers and rearranged the periodic table using those atomic numbers instead of atomic masses.

Periodic Fact 5

The Periodic Table is periodically revised by the International Union of Pure Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

Periodic Fact 6

The only letter that does not appear on the Periodic Table is “J.”

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